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Foam Party and Bar Chilling @ Indies (St. Lucia)
Foam Party/Indies

July18th, 2009
Welcome Party @ Jungle and Pulse (St. Lucia)
Party @ Jungle & Pulse

July 16th, 2009

St. Loooosahhhh Carnival

In my visit to this beautiful paradise I experienced and observed different things that must be pointed out and shared as these characteristics make the island of St. Lucia unique.

On an average night, parties begin at 2:00am and go till morning with the entire crowd moving in transition from one fete to the next, never segregated. All inclusives cheap no ras... for $100 EC you could find yourself drinking JW and sipping on Red Wine.

Piton (St. Lucia's Carib), IV (Iced Vodka in a pack), red wine and rum were the St Lucian flavours!! Bar-b-que pits were set up on every side walk available with a combination of chicken, lamb, fish and pork to choose from. And the fry bake, accra and chicken back ... delicious!

A welcoming and a cosmopolitan nation make up this island. All the fetes and Limes drew a sweet mixed crowd... Lawyers, doctors, pilots (The Big Show), and sanitation engineers (yes, your friendly neighbourhood garbage men) share the same common interest. Carnival and partying is for everyone regardless of your ethnicity or social status ... everyone having a time.

The People:
It's a one love country ! Lots of hot ladies, sexy bodies and "soft boomcessss"!! What can I say, check out the pics and you won't want to miss this next time!

D' Young Juice

Until we meet again in 2010,
D' Young Juice

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