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Spicemas J'ouvert 2016

Photos » Carnival » Grenada » 2016 » Spicemas J'ouvert 2016

Spicemas J'ouvert 2016
Date: Monday 8th August 2016
Location: St. George's. Grenada, W.I.
Promotions: Spicemas Corporation
Photography: Arthur Daniel


When I tell you I’ve been waiting YEARS to finally have the opportunity to attend Spice Mas and experience Jab Jab – it’s like someone born on February 29th waiting for their birthday to roll back around so they can really go in.


Some say “you haven’t been to carnival until you’ve been to Trinidad Carnival” (and I agree, you need to visit the Mecca of all Carnivals to pay it your proper respects & have a greater appreciation for its size, grandeur, and cultural impact) ..... well I will also say “you haven’t been to J’Ouvert until you’ve been to Grenada for Jab Jab”.


Jab Jab is life changing........ >> READ MORE


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