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Bienvenue Grenada 2016

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Bienvenue Grenada 2016
Date: Thursday 4th August , 2016
Location: Saint George's, Grenada
Promotions: Spice Addiction Entertainment
Photography: Jouvert Mike


The vibes start from just coming off the plane..... you walk through the door and Grenada Tourism Board is taking care of you proper with your choice of mixed drinks or shots of local rum as you wait in the modest customs line (keep in mind it’s only 1 plane full at a time – it’s not like multiple planes land overlapping so you’re in a crazy long line like some islands/countries). And they have no problem with you having coming back for seconds/thirds on additional “tastings”.


Light rain had cooled off the island sun before I landed & the relaxed vibes were apparent from the minute I exited the airport. There’s something very special about Grenada that is so comforting and familiar, even though this was my ... >> READ MORE


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