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Photos By Beth B. & Cecil C.
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Shipwrecked Wild In The Jungle
Date: Saturday 31st July 2010
Rainforest Cafe. London, UK
Promotions: Incognito

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With the Notting Hill carnival season now in full swing, every weekend seems to be packed with events and after work limes. Usually known for the BIG Notting Hill Carnival all inclusive this year, Incognito (the team behind Shipwrecked) decided to throw in a warm up party in the Jungle to suit this year's theme 'Shipwrecked in Africa' and get everyone in the mood for d carnival!!!

Tonight's event was held at the Rainforest Cafe, smack bang in the middle of central London. Rainforest cafe is a restaurant by day that is cleverly converted to a club in the evening and designed to give you that Jungle feeling complete with monkeys swinging through the trees, a bridge into the VIP area and a jungle design that puts your straight in the mood for some wildness!!!

The event this evening was part of a usual club night at The Rainforest with a Caribbean twist! After this warm up jam, Shipwrecked are back with their weekly after work limes in Soho in the run up to the All Inclusive and section on the road for Notting Hill carnival. For more info and to get involved visit

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