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Photos By Ayana M.
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S.O.S Party People's Cooler Fete
Date: Saturday 14th August 2010
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: Party People Promotions

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It seems that the NYPD is on a mission this year: to shut down as much fun as possible in Brooklyn. The latest “victim”: the SOS Cooler Fete.

Thank goodness your TJJ team arrived at the venue nice and early, mingling with other partygoers (shout out to the Queens crew who arrived nice and early on the scene) and sipping from our bright orange palm tree cups.

The event started out “rhell nice”, with Sounds For Life setting the music off right, featuring a nice little Michael Jackson soca mix that put smiles on everyone’s faces. A good number of people arrived early and were able to get in a nice little lime.

Next up was Close Connections, who seemed to be on a mission to continue the vibes, smiles and fun with a visit down soca memory lane. Freaks for Soca had just begun to work magic when the NYPD came. What a shame it had to end early! Lesson learned: this summer, Brooklyn is not playing. When promoters advise you to arrive early, do exactly that!

Thank you to Felix & Jomo of Party People Promotions for having the TJJ team. We are looking forward to next year!!

-Rasta Barbie