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Photos By Amiel Barrimond & Beth B.
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Disco Daze New Year's Eve
Date: Friday 31st December 2010
Isha Lounge. Kingston, Surrey, KT2 5BW
Promotions: Kidology London

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New Year's celebrations in London are always tricky! Peeps tend to fit into two camps at all times - those who stay home and can't deal with the overpriced clubs and taxis and those who venture out determined to hit the party scene hard and bring in the New Year getting wasted somewhere HUGE!

Normally fitting into camp number one, this year TJJ UK decided that there might just be an alternative...a party that is designed to be intimate with a top DJ on the decks all night! Love it!!!

Disco Daze isn't just for new years... this has started to be a regular night all around the country with popular nights down in Brighton and West London. The music is banging!!! Old school vibes that you can't possibly sit down to and that had half the crowd spinning round demonstrating their ... >> READ MORE

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