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Date: Friday 22nd May 2009
Location: Dumbo Loft. 155 Water Street. Brooklyn, NY
Promotions: NY Caribbean Vibes
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Well folks it's Memorial Day weekend in NYC. Time to set it off for the summer and TJJ NY was in the house for VERVE at Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn. To get there was real pressure because ... OMG ... our driver was so lost! Ugh! Round and round in circles he went until he finally gave in and listened to us. Tell me something, why don't men like to take directions from women? Anywho, we finally arrived at the location around 12:45am and were very excited to see familiar faces also just arriving and greeting each other.

Well y'all know that because TJJ is at every hot event we know most of the security teams, so getting frisked these days is a breeze. On the inside, the smell of fresh paint and brand spanking new wood floors filled the air. For some odd reason, that added to the excitement. Everyone loves something new!! This venue had high ceilings huge windows (even though they were covered) and was very spacious. We were impressed. The inviting cool breeze flowing throughout added just the right touch. Fabulous!

We were quite early and had the privilege of watching everyone arrive and just fall into the mix. I have to ask though, "As grown as we are, why do we still hold up the walls when the dance not ram yet?" It was quite comical to see everyone posing off and holding up walls and pillars. I can attest to the fact that almost everyone was head to toe fabulous. So if you're hot and you feel it, why not hold your head up and wine down to the floor like you would normally do! People are going to talk about it anyway, whether you in a corner or not! smile

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Photos By Rae L.
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The music was boss! I was chipping and bussing a small wine here and there the whole time. I think I only paused to maneuver my way though the crowd as it quickly got ram cram. Hey another question, "Why does almost everyone arrive at the same time?" That cracks me up. One minute tumbleweed blowing through the fete, next minute you can't move and have to watch your step before you lick down somebody's set up! LOL!

Ey! Another thing, "How come the decibel level of the music increases about every half hour or so?" Is it that the DJ's know that due to the consumption of large quantities of libations our hearing is temporarily impaired? smile Anyhow, there were no complaints and the winery in that fete was off the Richter. I think everyone was all too happy to finally shrug off old man winter and let loose!

Then the temperature suddenly became unbearable. WTH? Apparently there was an AC malfunction. Ugh! Aww maaannn. That did not ruin the vibe though. This crowd was on a mission to accomplish as much winery as possible complete with sweaty pits and sliding makeup! The poor fellas of the rhythm section had sweat pouring off of their faces but the kept on jamming. Now that's a fete!

Eventually the heat was too much to bear and some folks sought refuge outside to cool off. Before I knew it the lime was outside oui! A great time was had by ALL trust me! Big up to crew and crew from NC, DC and MIA who came through by plane, train and donkey cart! LOL! Peter and the rest ... mwaaah! We ready for the '09 summer now!

Le Petite