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Flight Cruise - The Finale
Date: Sunday 15th February 2009
Location: Treasure Queen, Pier 2. Chaguaramas, Trinidad
Promotions: Aviator Entertainment
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Bon Voyage Flight Cruise

It's two Sundays before carnival and we are on our way to Flight Cruise. Boarding was at 3pm and we were there form 2:30pm. We had such a ball last year that we didn't want to take a chance of missing the boat.

They had select complimentary beverages while waiting to board the boat, so we had a drink, took a few pics and small talked. Before we knew it almost everyone had boarded, the boat was filled to capacity and they weren't letting anyone else on! What? I can't believe we were out there small talking instead of getting on the boat! Well after some back and forth negotiations, team TJJ was on board the Treasure Queen. But guess what? Not too long after, the captain announced that the boat wasn't going to set sail. The equation was very straight forward - Over capacity vessel + Bad weather conditions = Zero movements! Right, okay ... we have no problem with that!!

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Photos By Lia H.
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Since the majority of partygoers refused to go to the top deck, we decided it was time to venture downstairs and check out the scene. Well if you see how packed this boat was .... lawd geez!!! There was no room to move, let alone operate a camera ... pressha boy! The DJs (including New York's own DJ Spice and Back to Basics) played all the 2009 soca hits, so everyone was feeling real nice. People were getting on so bad that I was secretly glad we didn't sail because I am not sure if the boat coulda take that much abuse on open waters.

Kerry the drummer was mashing up the drums set while Back to Basics was playing. De man have skills boy ... he was drumming and wining with more than one woman without missing a beat!

Well, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The DJs played the last tune and Kerry drummed his heart out until the captain came and locked everything off.

Much thanks to David, Barry, Wayne, Brent and crew and for having us. Although we're sad to hear that this was the final Flight Cruise, we look forward to next year's Carnival cruise.

L Boogie

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