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V.I.P Friday All Inclusive
Date: Friday 24th February 2006
Location: The Normandie Hotel, Trinidad
Promoters: V.I.P Promotions

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We have been on the road all week and now feeling the hurt of being sleep deprived. Man, it's only Carnival Friday and we already wondering if we running low on Carnival gas! Maybe it was the sweet sounds of the Groovy Soca Monarch that was rocking us to sleep? Okay, snap out of it, let's hit de road ... V.I.P Friday calls!

First, a little history on this party. From what we understand, the concept for this party originated from the fact that nuff times folks pay the extra money for V.I.P treatment for a fete, but never get their dollar's worth. You know, slow or little bar service ... substandard food and drinks ... everything BUT V.I.P service! So, V.I.P Promotions decided to deliver an event which is all about partygoers that love that intimate party settings with true V.I.P treatment! We applaud them for this piece of brilliance.

Let's cut to the chase, V.I.P Friday 2005 party missed some vibes. Everything was in place, but somehow the band last year (we believe it was Ronnie McIntosh's band) was unable to wake up the crowd, most partygoers agreed with that. Now you cannot judge someone by any one action, but rather by the average of the actions - and we would like to think that it should be judged on the trend of their actions. With that said, Trini Jungle Juice had to find out if the vibes this year was going to be different.

We were walking up to the venue and you can see the red carpet from down the street. Now that is sweet, but we expected that since that was done last year. But when a beautiful woman puts a glass in your hand and asks, "Would you like some champagne?" there is no sweeter sounding phrase in the world. A few steps later we were watching ourselves on a massive screen. And when the promoter was there to personally escort you to all the local food prepared for the night ... all we could say was, "Wow!" Michelle, we love the personal touch! ;-) We sat and enjoyed a nice meal so that we would be ready for the live performances that would be starting soon. Now if there was a category for "Best Decorated Venue" for Carnival, TJJ would rate this V.I.P Friday party in the running, if not the winner!

KMC with his Red, Black & White band drew the crowd stage side and guaranteed that the vibe was not to be repeated from 2005. 2006 was going to be a different year for V.I.P Friday! KMC even had with him the legendary Professor Ken Philmore on the steel pan for hit tune "3 Miles" - jus sweet. We think the crowd did enjoy these subtle differences. Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon then came on and started heating things up so much, that she flipped the fuse and shut down the stage. As she walked off, the crowd in unison started the chanting "Saucy baby I want you put in on me, oh saucy baby I want you put it in me!" ... maintaining the energy on stage, until the show blasted off again. Mr. Slaughter came on and closed things out with an entertaining performance ... "Ah Feeling Nice at Carnival time ... Woman in front, Man dem behind."

In true V.I.P style this was a celebrity laced event ... you had folks like Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliams and International Cricket star Brian Lara on the inside. We can only think that they were attracted to this event as this is the treatment that they have become accustomed too. So, how do you know when your All Inclusive was de bomb? When you see music stop and everyone in the road singing and man wining on woman in all kind of acrobatic positions!! TJJ thoroughly enjoyed the V.I.P experience and will see you next year.