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D'Original Vale Breakfast Party
Date: Sunday 26th February 2006
Location: Diamond Vale, Trinidad

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What started off as a neighborhood lime has evolved into THE FETE for Carnival. Quite a bold statement to make right? Well, when you hear comments like: "I'm flying in for the Breakfast Party and then I can go home" or "This Breakfast party is my Carnival!" Yuh know "A" is fuh action. Men looking for tickets to this event before they even buy a plane ticket home for Carnival!

This party is on it's own level ... champion of all champions Breakfast Party, and perhaps our favorite fete every Carnival season! Why? No words can truly let us explain what makes this party so fabulous. It must be the people. It seemed like half the party was TJJ friends and family. And who you don't know at the beginning of the fete, you know by the end - it's all one love at this breakfast party. D'Original Vale Breakfast Party for all D'Original Crew and Crew ... "Where everybody knows your name!"

There is nothing you can say negative about this Breakfast party. In fact, Even though when we arrived about 4:30 AM and there was no music because they were waiting for a generator to arrive, people still had nothing negative to say about the party. Crew was just patiently waiting for the music, knowing that once it starts, a good time will definitely be had by all.

Doubles, alloo pie, corn soup, pelau, bake & shark, and Johnny walking strong. Nothing out of the ordinary or spectacular in that department but still, the party was a 4.75 TJJ masks on a scale of 1-5 masks. No fete ever get that rating! And they only lorse a .25 because the bar people decide they want to go home and eat Sunday lunch even before the music stop. So what if it was 12:00 PM!! :-)

Resident DJs, Sprang International and Alicia D'Duchess, had the crowd jumping and loving themselves from start to finish. Not only do they know their music and how to play it, but they know their crowd. Both Shurwayne and Zan pass tru and bless up d mic, both in perfect harmony with the party. There was no stopin' and titivayin', just grab the mic and flow with pure nonstop vibes.

Oh, yuh know TJJ like ting... Study this; 11:30 AM, one young lady entranced in the sheer bliss of this event, let gravity get the better of her. TJJ bears witness to the single GREATEST buss arse and get back up and wine since they start keeping records of buss arse and get back up and wine back in 1649. We talking a perfect 10, flawless form, laid flat out gazing into the midday sun, then back on her feet and straight into a 2 hands in the air rock back wine, on beat, with a 10 point degree of difficulty.

When the party is still packed at 11 AM and nobody goin' anywhere you know you in de right place. Having said all that, if Insomnia or Dawn is yuh ting, yuh ain't go like this fete, so keep going to where you accustomed going! ;-) If yuh is normally be in yuh bed sleepin' since yuh need yuh night res, stay home and sleep. To all crew and crew who been doin' this one for years ... we go see you next year!!!