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Trini Posse Cooler Fete 2006
Date: Saturday 25th February 2006
Location: Bowen Marine (Chaguaramas), Trinidad
Promoters: Together As One

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We got there at 1 AM, can you believe that. It literally took us 2 hours to drive from The Falls aka West Mall to the Bowen Marine. Well we missed all the live performances pretty much, but we going to give our 2 cents on the party.

When we got to the venue, Destra & Atlantik was on stage - mashing it up with her hits from this year and yester year. For sure her 2003 hit tune with Machel Montano, "Carnival," is now totally immortalized and like the perfect Carnival anthem. We are not sure if there can be a more perfect song to capture the energy of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival.

By the time we got inside, Destra was wrapping up her performance. There were many celebrities in the house including one of our Caribbean favorites, Timmy from Barbados, from the grass skirts posse. Yuh must know ... "Bumper Catch A Fire!" Big up everytime Timmy.

The VIP was on the side of the stage and there was a somewhat feeling of being on the stage with the performers, so we believe many of the VIP-ers enjoyed that! Of course, TJJ is also a grass roots crew so we ventured out into the abyss of people. The crowd was very thick and the many coolers made platforms for the massives. It is one of the few good cooler parties left in Trinidad. Everyone can get drunk and have a good, safe time and drink what they want to drink! And better yet, not be subjected to the bar-chit system that everyone hates, as well as, $15TT beers.

It was nice to see so many happy drunk partygoers (we actually didn't post a few incriminating pictures)!! We would like to big up Benny for rolling out the red carpet, and to all management who made this event a success. TJJ goh drink one for that. At 4:45 AM, we made a judgment call to not hop over to Insomnia, but head over to D'Original Vale Breakfast Party. Man, you should see traffic jam as the massives headed towards MOBS2 for Insomnia ... we will try and coordinate better come next year. Movements peoples, movements!