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TRIBE Carnival Thursday Fete
Date: Thursday 23rd February 2006
Location: Queen's Park Oval, Trinidad
Promoters: TRIBE

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Finally making our way out of Maracus Valley after having a ball at Beach House All Inclusive, the TJJ Crew arrived at Queen's Park Oval a little later than expected. As we pulled up, we heard performances already under way ... uh oh, we late! What's new right??!! :-) So, we rush inside and start to check out the vibes. It was cool. There were the usual suspects at the front jumping and waving to the performances - but this group was a lot smaller than the crowd of socialites at the back.

This was TRIBE's 1st kick-off for their Carnival Thursday fete, and as expected the attendance was strong. We can only imagine if all the massives who bummed out for the night after attending the All Inclusive day fetes, had decided to push themselves to the max (like TJJ crew), and show up.

Besides the entrance/exit, the Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Development Company Ltd. hosted a VIP area for all of the international media groups visiting as they continue to positively promote the T&T Soca Warriors (we got to plug our advertisers/sponsors *wink*).

For this Drinks Inclusive fete, there was no crazy line-ups at the bars, so people were happy and the performances were all good. We caught Imij & Co., who featured Shurwayne Winchester during their set. Then Bunji Garlin and the Asylum band was the last band to perform. Last but not least, Bunji brought his engery and topped things off nicely with a hyped combination with Prophet Benjamin ... "Fire Fi Dem." We must say that all local Reggae artists are very well receieved, even for the Carnival season.

"Somebody say 1, somebody say 2, somebody say 3 ... somebody say mash up dis party" ... Mista Vybe had to give feters some-"Ting 4 D Road" before all live performances wrapped up. Although we missed Destra and Atlantik and others, from what we saw, plenty people were rocking to the music (large up Toronto DJs PlayHouse and D'Bandit) and enjoying themselves, liming towards the back, catching up with people they hadn't seen in a long time. Like UWI Splash took the "get on bad" crowd??!! ;-)

The one complaint we heard was dat the fete finish too early ... 3-3:30 AM. But say wha, partygoers definitely seemed to enjoy this vibe, and we are sure will be back next year.