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TnT Carnival 2006 Extras Pt. 2
On D'Road Monday & Tuesday

What can we say, TnT 2006 Carnival was a blast. As someone tell us, the government should make Carnival 3 days ... Carnival Monday, Carnival Tuesday and Carnival Wednesday! How does Ash Thursday sound?? Trinis like a ting ent??!! Well, we hope you enjoyed our 2k6 coverage of the greatest show on earth. We definitely looking forward to doing it all over again with you (or without you ... heh, the show must go on) next year.

We incorporated some of the great "Picture of the Week" submissions that didn't make the cut into this gallery for your enjoyment. Special thanks to everyone that submitted ... Shelly S, Richard D, Ron A. to mention a few. Keep on snapping and sending us your great work.

Were we liming next? DC Carnival? World Cup 2006? Caribana? Crop Over? Bring drinks!! Be sure to check out the International Carnival Calendar.

This is Trini Jungle Juice officially signing out from Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2006.