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TnT Carnival 2006 Extras Pt. 1
TJJ In & Around D'Island

Peoples, the title of the gallery says it all ... Extras, Extras, Extras! The scenic shots, the artistic shots, action shots, the plain ole fun shots ... even a shot of the football action outside de airport celebrating "Small Country, BIG Passion!"

Beyond all de good fetein, TJJ had to make a Maracus Beach run (or two ... heh, dat is where de real Bake n Shark is!), check out some Mas Camps as folks ran up and down trying to get their costumes all set for Carnival Monday & Tuesday, and of course pass thru Panorama Finals to see Phase II Pan Groove win the Large Bands category. We even bounce up some friends of the Jungle stocking up on some Carnival necessities ... ALCO at at Hi Lo supermarket. Yip, we doh leave home without we camera!!

Special shout out to all TJJ crew & Maria W. for some their hot shots. If you still hungry for more on d'road Carnival coverage, check out the TnT Carnival 2006 Extras Pt. 2 gallery.