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The Ultimate One
Date: Saturday 25th February 2006
Venue: Valsayn North (Poolside), Trinidad

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On a Carnival Saturday if you looking for a switch or a little difference well then check out The Ultimate One. It's definitely a venue with a difference! Not the regular fete spots, but a nice house setting with poolside ambience and all ... Nice!

It was an All Inclusive affair and TJJ was up in de mix ... yuh dun know. Food and drinks came in a wide variety and were most certainly available. The crowd was not enormous but well suited for the venue. This was good as things ran a lot more smoothly and patrons were hassle free thus getting a better opportunity to enjoy the fete. Aye, no line up to use the rest rooms, get a drink or even grab a bite ... that is what we talking bout!

On an entertainment note, patrons got to enjoy performances by Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon, Karma, Destra and Tony Prescott with the band Surface just to name a few. Although it was definitely a more mature crowd, they were young at heart, and partied the night away with things going on till a little after 12 AM.

As things wrapped up TJJ said our goodbyes and made a move. One of our next stops ... Dawn "Sunrise In The City"!

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