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Moka Explosion 2006
Date: Sunday 26th February 2006
Location: St. Andrew's Golf Club (Moka), Trinidad

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With a barrage of non-stop partying coming to a trickle and the anticipation of Carnival Monday & Tuesday almost upon us, we had one more rounds to make - Moka Explosion. It was a nice bright sunny Sunday, you know the kind when you look out your window and say "leh we go to de beach!"... Righttt ... but with foot hot to trot, we headed up to fete held at the prestigious St. Andrew's Golf Club, Moka Maraval. It was smooth sailing traffic wise much to our surprise considering the serious traffic we have encountered for the 2k6 season, however, there was only a short delay when cars slowed down to rubberneck a group of kids covered in blue paint, beating some home made drums and hustling for money on the roadside.

Parking was well organized as the venue had provided many attendants to direct traffic ensuring an easy entrance and exit, so with that said TJJ was on the scene about 12:30pm. Upon entry, guest were given the royal treatment as they were greeted with champagne alongside a fountain of either white or dark chocolate, with a variety of fruit for dipping pleasure. Nice touch! And with a variety of food to choose from you couldn't go wrong. There was Creole, Cajun, Chinese, Thai and even some Crab & Dumplin on one end. And on the other side, there was a wild meat section with all the local wild meat varieties. Well yes so much for going to de gym before Carnival cause lawd knows we will need it after Carnival!! In addition to all of that, you had outstanding service at all bar locations with all premium drinks - local and imported - but you know our mouths dropped open when we realized that even Johnny Walker Blue was an option ... dis was a real all inclusive! Ammm Bartender...

Nevertheless, the well dressed, mature and sexy crowd was in continuous swing as performer after performer appeared on stage to sing their big hit tunes and possible road March contenders. We speaking of Shurwayne, Destra, Dil-e-nadan, Surge, Mr Vybe, Blackie and Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon just to name a few; although we only caught some of the carded entertainment. Off set with popular DJ's in the mix, alongside Roy Cape All Stars with Blaxx and Rita Jones, there was never a dull moment until the party wrapped up around 7pm and people were sent home to the sweet beats of the Tassa.

Now why is it that the party continued outside in the parking lot with lots of people sticking around to 'lime' with the tassa band in full swing? Better yet, why TJJ right up in de mix!! ;-) We like it... real West Indian flava!! No problems or complaints at this fete peoples. Que Rico signing out for Trini Jungle Juice.