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Misty Ridge Premier All Inclusive
Date: Friday 17th February 2006
Location: The Ranch (Santa Cruz), Trinidad

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With the foreign Trini Jungle Juice Crew touching down in sweet TnT, Misty Ridge Premier All Inclusive was our choice to officially kick off the 2 week round up to Carnival 2006! We pull up to the secluded venue about 8pm, even though the party advertised from 5 to 12pm ... but hey it was good timing because most of the folks were arriving around this time.

First thing we gotta mention, the venue ... nice, nice, nice, nice! The parking situation was smooth and once you make your way through the front entrance, the settings was too sweet. Lush greens, fancy stables at the back and a beautiful pool were just some of the things that would make you love this venue, nestled in the hills of Santa Cruz.

Next, the food - lovely! Bake & Shark, Corn Soup, Pizza Boys Fried Chicken, Wontons, Doubles and real food too ... we talkin' bout Tobago style Creole food! We even saw grapes and strawberries being passed around - no one coulda complained! And then the drinks - plenty bars were set up through out the venue, never a line, even a champagne bar! Partygoers were particularly liking the various shots of alcohol served litterly chilled, off the factory-sized blocks of ice. There were even hostesses passing around food and drinks in case you didn't want to leave your spot. What more could one want??!! When we see smallies serving mango chow, all we coulda think was this party gone clear yes!!

The music was sweet too bad. The DJs for the night were Marlon Mr. Muzik and good friends of the jungle, High Fidelity. You know Soca music was flowing in a proper fashion, when a conga-line start up and everyone making circles around the pool. And the "Rum Soca" session towards the end of the party... pressure!!! You shoulda see Hypa Hoppa and crew buss out de 'big people' dance!! Men closing dey eyes and reminiscing!

For the live entertainment, you can't go wrong with Destra Garcia. Then you add two big name surprise guest artistes, none other than the Bonnie & Clyde of Soca, Bunji Garlin and Faye-Ann Lyons to the lineup... That Is Carnival!!! They flatten de place yes!! And when Bunji buss the Doi Festival, the crowd was in full swing. And we don't even have to tell you all how Destra "Bam Bam" had feters Jumpin' and wavin'. Before the big name artists performed, there was also some imported talent from the UK that the crowd was taking a liking too. Even the winner of Synergy Soca Star pass thru and do a lil' sumting on the night!

Lastly, we must make mention of the crowd. At first, we overheard a comment - like, we coulda brought moms and tantie to dis fete! But when we reach inside it was a nice, nice crowd, mixed with all ages. No one was complaining about kids in the party acting a fool. Everyone was mature, well-dressed, but best of all ... still ready to free up and party!

All in all, it was a perfect way to start we Carnival. This was only the second anniversary for this party. Doh sleep! This party had just the right amount of people and once word spreads, we know for a fact that even more people will be at the ranch come 2007! For those living abroad deciding if it's worth it to come earlier than the week before Carnival Monday & Tuesday, this party alone makes it worth it! Misty Ridge Premier All Inclusive gets the TJJ Thumbs Up! TJJ Thumbs Up!

Much love goes out to the promoters who were nothing but hospitable and threw a very classy and fun fete. Special shout out to David and Susan. Happy Birthday Shian! TJJ will see you all same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel next year!