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Karma Sutra V
Date: Saturday 18th February 2006
Location: Trinidad Country Club (Maraval), Trinidad

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Trini Jungle Juice is at de Country Club for the big annual fete Karma Sutra V held on Saturday 18th February 2006. Having to admit we ventured down quite late, we could tell this party score from the great distance we had to walk after finding a reasonably safe spot to park we car. After de little exercise and ting, we bounced up to de front door and were quite welcomed and well received.

Well enough stickin' peoples, let's get this party started. We hit the bar and then proceeded to check out the vibes in and about the jam. Things seemed to be looking good. Folks done prime and relaxed, nuff pretty women and aye we forgot to mention ... de drinks FREE too!! Rum, beer, Smirnoff Ice, Frozen Daiquiris, Tequila and more. We must note though, we totally missed out on Shurwayne's performance, but it's all good.

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At a little after 2 AM, Imij and Co. with Ghetto Flex, began performing. They really had the crowd making full use of those colourful balloons being passed out, as levels of excitement just shot up throughout the crowd. Guest artist D'Hitman also made an appearance and had patrons going wild with his big tune for the season "Rum Meh Brother Say". Folks just loved the "Bring de fire water" line and showed no hesitation in chanting along while D'Hitman performed.

After their performances the show was put back into the hands of the DJs. Special big up to DJ Playhouse d Starboy and crew for holding de dance down. Well before we knew it, the hour of 3 had unfortunately passed. Things began winding down and the music soon stopped. We chose to mingle for a bit with de folks who hesitated to go home, as we felt a bit disoriented that the party was over so fast. This was probably because we got there so late ;-) Oh well, we'll try and arrive in better time next year for sure.

TJJ signing out...