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Michael Headley's All Inclusive Fete
Date: Thursday 23rd February 2006
Location: Salybia, Trinidad
Promoters: Michael Headley

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Well, what can we say about this fete? It has been around for a long, long time and people love it! It's a great party and it lasts all day. The fun starts before you even arrive since many people took a 12 or 25-seater Maxi Taxi to the venue. And we must make mention of this fabulous location ... the scenery is spectacular as the venue overlooks the ocean on the northeast coast of Trinidad. We even overheard people saying that they came just for the ambiance!

The "All Inclusive" aspect of this party began as soon as you entered where guests were greeted by a cocktail, as well as, festive paraphernalia such as flowers for women to wear in their hair or flowered garlands to wear around your neck. People definitely seemed to like this touch - we definitely appreciated the gesture.

Tickets were $600TT and worth every penny. Nuff people ran away from work to go to this fete - calling in sick and all kinda ting! Yuh know Trinis ... call de bossman first thing in the morning, "Hello, I really not feeling to well today ... like I have some kinda flu or something. I'll try and make it into the office for Friday ... Ehem Ehem." Although it rained, and only part of the venue had shelter, people were still jumping up. Yes, that's right - jumping up in the rain. You know a fete is good when you find yourself jumping and singing in the rain.

You know it nice when 8pm reach, the party done and the food still serving. And the food was excellent ... every piece of food in there was good. They had Creole food, Chinese food, shish kebabs, seafood and more. People wanted to see that every pot was scraped before they left the party! There was well over 1,000 people there. Of course it was sold out, as it is every year!