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Harts Carnival Monday 2006
On D'Main Stage, Savannah

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Trini Jungle Juice reach d'stage ... we warming up ... throw your hands dem in de air ... we going and cross we gearin' up ... Puuuuulllllll up!!! Run the big Patrice Roberts and Machel Montano "Band of the Year" track from top!

It's Carnival Monday, and although we moving officially with TRIBE and ISLANDpeople Mas for 2006 Carnival, when we see Harts mas band reach de stage and only one set of pretty, pretty dollies having a nice time ... we had to capture the moment. Harts masqueraders were lovin' themselves, as they jammed down and jumped up to big band Imij & Co. with lead singers Ghetto Flex and Michelle X. Like every free-spirited mas player, no one wanted to leave the stage ... and we don't blame them one bit! Heh, iz Carnival.

Speaking of Imij & Co., did you check out their big tune for 2k6? It's called "Commander." Wicked, wicked tune!! If you don't know, now you know.

Here's a taste of Harts 2006 presentation "Voyage B.C" all courtesy of Trini Jungle Juice.