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Georgian Jubilation 2006 All-Inclusive
Date: Sunday 19th February 2006
Location: St. George's College (Barataria), Trinidad
Promoters: St. George's College

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With the 50,000 + people that was reported to have landed in T&T by Sunday February 19th, we figure de day or time that any man jack choose to throw fete, house party or river lime alike ... it was sure to score! Trini bustlin' with traffic; people all over de place ... Maracas Beach ram. Tourist fuh so, walking de sands up and down like dey walking thru Long Circular Mall; fresh jersey, three quarter denim and white, white, white sneakers ... as dey call it fresh water ... plenty high pitch accent in de air!

But anyways, like Ibis flour, we was in de mix. We reach Barataria must be 9 pm. Running on Trini time, cause party start since 4 and ending at midnight. Well Trini Jungle Juice partying in de East for years now ... once ya pass de lighthouse in town is like another country! De Georgians need to get much praises for all the love. Parking was excellent. Ah whole well lit, patrolled football field. And from the number of cars present, we done know it's gonna be a good time.

De fete was held at the school in "De Quadrangle" for the fourth year this year, but this is just TJJ's first time coming. Front gate was well manned, and the hostess who appeared to be over exuberant volunteers were well appreciated. Feeling welcomed as you walk thru de door is always nice!

Walking in a few tings caught we eye. Plenty uniform police and lines for de food. Dat mean 2 things; 1. de party safe and 2. De food good. Both turn out to be true. We only sample de mini Roti and Doubles, and both was good. Plenty well stocked bars, and the bar crew was most responsive - and they wanted to be in all de pictures! TJJ's response, "Sure ting ... the cost, fill we cups!!" Ohhh, those frozen cocktails!

Now this is St. George's College party and from chatting with plenty of de audience we could tell that de 6 degree of separation was more like 3. Everybody either went George's or come wit family who went! That means is a real pleasant kinda family vibes going on. The crowd was more mature and that was evident by de fact that calypso veteran, Black Stalin get so much more forward and love than Iwer George who with TnT National Flag over shoulder had people throwing rags in de sky, none de less. It must be easy work performing for a crowd like this when yuh must be sing bout 3 words out of "Black Man Come to Party," and de crowd carrying the rest of de melody. De big band Roy Cape All Stars with frontline Blaxx and sexy Rita Jones provided quality vintage sounds for all performances including chutney star, Adesh Samaroo, who decide in 2003 that, "when yuh leaving something, leave for something better..." and in 2006, he ent wan't de sister, he takin' she mudda... Lawd... talk bout bring down de house and mash up de place.

We must say all live performances were sweet, food and drinks flowing and a descent Georgian vibe, we couldn't ask for more on a Sunday evening in Trinidad. "Ohhhhh I can feel it, Carnival day is coming again ... Do you get this feeeeeelinng, show me how you feeling when it's Carnival time..." We love dat tune - Rita Jone's "Carnival Feeling." As stated in de Trini Jungle Juice handbook, Chapter 8, Section 5-3, when music done, and most of de crowd leaving behind de Tassa and Steelpan, and you find yourself still in de mix standing where a crowd once masqueraded, it mean only one thing ... dat party was nice!

We almost ent buss de tape yes ... but next year we'll be back, and we will bring a friend (or two). Thanks again St. George's College for de Georgian Jubilation IV.