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Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale
Date: Tuesday 21st February 2006
Location: Queens Park Oval, Trinidad
Promoters: The Commission

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Rain, Rain Go Away!! ... that seemed to be the unspoken words of the already drenched fetegoers at the ever so popular Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale fete. After much debate amongst the entire TJJ crew on whether or not to attend because of the heavy rain, hot foot got the best of us and a much determined effort to find a parking spot, we arrived on the scene around 1am.

After a smooth entry and a quick security check, TJJ was on the inside in no time and although many fetegoers had already departed due to the weather, there was still a decent size crowd enjoying themselves. Ah mean iz Carnival ent??!! Rain is only a small hiccup when it comes to putting a halt in everyone's Carnival agenda! And when promoters made the announcement that it was FREE RUM for the rest of the night, all courtesy of Angostura, well we swear some folks that were on their way out the doors, made a swift U-turn. Dem two words "FREE" and "RUM" when put together, does work wonders we tell ya! With a quick jaunt to the bar, which moved quickly and efficiently, it was time to enjoy one of the many anticipated performances of the night.

Seeing that we had arrived at 1am, we had missed performances by Alison Hinds & Maximus Dan but after speaking with many people it was hard to enjoy the show with well ... buckets of water falling on ya (ha!). Machel Montano & Xtatik was on stage and as always never failed to give the people the show that they expect. Of course, with his older tunes like "Big Truck" & "Gyal Farm," along with his new songs like "Scandalous," had all rags and flags in the air. However, it was his guest artists like Mr. Vegas & Red Rat that sort of stole the show as you know how Trinis love their dub music. So with the integration of the two beats the crowd went mad!

Next up was KMC and the Red, White & Black band - and they certainly kept the momentum going. "We're in Trinidad, Trinidad, Trinidad, Trinidad, Trinidad ... everybody jump up ... Carnival coming!" "The Season Is Mine" followed by his other 2006 hit tune "3 Miles," the mostly drenched crowd forgot about how wet they really were, and just had a blast. Ah mean iz Carnival ent!!

No sooner it was after 3 am and fete pretty much wrapped up. Despite the rain most people had a great time ... we surely did! This was the second year for Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale edition, and we telling you all, this fete is a real sweet fete. Rain or shine, 2007 Carnival will be a pure niceness all over again! We even caught word Toronto... The Commission might be looking into doing a Eyes Wide Shut Caribana edition. Stay tuned to TriniJungleJuice.com.

Next stop, Bachannal Wednesday ... hopefully a it would be a dry one!