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Dawn "Sunrise In The City" (Breakfast Jam)
Date: Saturday 25th February 2006
Location: Jenny's Car Park, Trinidad
Promoters: ISLANDpeople, Island Style, Julius Caesar, BAP

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Dawn "Sunrise in the City"! Ok let us not bore you with the unnecessary details. This was almost a 12 AM to 12 PM fete in a venue that had a near sold out crowd. People you know Jenny's Car Park can hold a crowd. There was also a huge cast of live entertainment and 5 big bands carded to perform. So as you can see, TJJ has much to mention.

We will however attempt to relate some of the more significant highlights of this event. Like when at minutes to 5 AM, KMC with band Red, White & Black come on and mash up de dance. The song "3 Miles" was a huge favorite, but when de crowd hear de "Lord ah mercy" and the mighty Bounty Killer started to perform the "3 Miles Remix" ... geez and ages ... de whole place gone mad!

How about when Bunji, Faye Ann Lyons & Asylum came on stage at a little after 6 AM. There was some freestyle done by a superhero guy in a cape (sorry folks, we can't remember his name). He really buss some big lyrics that had the crowd in awe and excitement. Especially his selection about a lonely/single man's favorite place ... "Villa ... Villa!" Fellas allyuh laughing ... ha ha watch ya'self!!

Faye Ann also hyped the crowd. Taking her act into the crowd as she hopped off the stage. She actually got the huge crowd that was present to path and create one gigantic circle in which she continued performing inside of. Various Flag Crew soon came in and joined her, waving their big flags. We thought Faye Ann got a bit daring though when she jumped into the Curtin Crew's catapult like flag, and they began tossing her into the air.

Well folks, soon enough day was breaking. As the glare from the rising sun became more prevalent, we realized that patrons were not only instore for a sun bath. Three massive water trucks started shooting water into the crowd. At first, most patrons were scampering for cover, but soon enough the masses started to enjoy the wetting one by one. Not long after, nearly every man, woman and child was wet! Who wasn't wet, definitely had a hard time walking around as the floor became a small stream flowing with confetti of all colors.

Around 7:30 AM, new International Soca Monarch and Groovy Soca Monarch Champ, Shurwayne Winchester, stepped on stage with Candy Hoyte & band Traffik. Well as if this man didn't get enough forwards from performing in Soca Monarch finals, the crowd just went into complete disarray as he began to perform. Maybe it was because of the near last position in which he performed. People were probably saying all night long ... Ah Cyar Wait ... Ah Cyar Wait ... Ah Cyar Wait for Morning!!

We must also make mention of other performances such as Kes The Band, new band Vision, Jamesy P, Nadia Batson, 3 Suns, Surge and Mista Vybe, who all passed through and mashed things up as well. Yes folks we runnin' again!