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Cocoa Devils J'Ouvert 2006 "Viel Gluck T&T Warriors"
Date: Monday 27th February 2006
Location: Trinidad
Promoters: D Cocoa Crew

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J'Ouvert Mornin' ... blow yuh whistle ... blow yuh whistle. The Trini Jungle Juice crew heading out of Maraval to look for the Yellow Devils J'Ouvert band, and as we round de bend past Country Club, braps ... we ran into D'Cocoa Devils J'Ouvert band! Their 2006 J'Ouvert Presentation was "Viel Gluck T&T Warriors" ... so it was all about the T&T Warriors Cocoa Devils! We found out just how lucky we were because the next day plenty people were complaining that they were looking for D'Cocoa Devils and could not find them. Well, folks - the reason is that they were no where near the other J'Ouvert bands. They were quite up on Maraval side.

With all the commotion and jammin' D'Cocoa Devils were making, we decided to pull a quick park and and call this we J'Ouvert Mornin' jump up. Of course, we saw plenty TJJ Friends and Family in de action! There was a good-size crowd and people were real likin' themselves as they were all pasted in that thick, sweet smelling cocoa mixture in the "wee hours" of the morning. The truck headed up Maraval Road, then made a U-turn and headed on past Long Circular Mall through St. James.

Those playing with D'Cocoa Devils were surely getting their drink on and having a ball. We had some people with us that had never come to Carnival before and they could not stop talking about what a time they had at J'Ouvert. What we personally love about this J'Ouvert band is how easy the cocoa is to wash off, and better yet, it leaves your skin soft and sweet like a baby bumsee!! ;-)

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As Kerwin Du Bois and H2o Phlo sing in 2006 release J'Ouvert, "We havin' a time, we doh care if we dirtttttty ... de mud and de oil on we skin this is j'Ouvert!!"

Big Up to D'Cocoa Crew for once again hosting a fun-filled, yet safe J'Ouvert experience!