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CAREC All-Inclusive 2006
Date: Sunday 19th February 2006
Location: Federation Park (St. Clair), Trinidad

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At Federation Park in St Clair, there was a buzz in the air. People knew that CAREC fete was going to be a great fete, as it always is. Although the regular $600TT tickets were sold out, scalpers were selling outside for $800TT. Scaplers live for TnT Carnival! Tickets are real hard to come by for this party, but you know Trini Jungle Juice is all about de big shot, exclusive events.

TJJ Crew arrived about 3pm and the fete was already packed with people. There was dishes from many different nationalities, including Indian, Creole, and Chinese food that was cooked right on the spot! Ting like Geera pork, BBQ Ribs and Kebabs. And of course, the regulars were also there - Corn Soup, Bake & Shark and Doubles.

Upon entry, guests were greeted with a cocktail ... a very nice touch! And we cannot go further without commenting on the shuttle service to get to the party. Partygoers could park their car at Long Circular Mall and hop on a shuttle to get to the party. And those that decided to brave the roads and park road-side, were greeted by full security. Another very nice touch!

Now, this All-Inclusive started out somewhat social, but that was just so people could take time to get their food and drink intake. The party took a nice turn as the sun was going down to become "the opposite of social". Partygoers were "getting on bad". For those of you that are not from Trinidad, that means that we were having plenty fun! Several celebrities were there including the President Sir George Maxwell Richards, Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliams and International Cricket star Brian Lara.

The music was great. There were live performances by Imij & Co., Surge, Caribbean Traffik and Maximus Dan. And we must make special mention of how Maximus "The Gladiator" Dan mash up the crowd ... what a Whirlwind! The DJ's were also doing a great job keeping the crowd in high spirits.

The fete ended with a Tassa Band and Rhythm Section. The crowd loved it. This party has a great reputation, and this year did not let people down one bit. We'll be back!