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Bacchanal Wednesday 2006
Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2006
Location: Bowen Marine (Chaguaramas), Trinidad
Promoters: Together As One

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Experience has taught us that Chaguaramas can be a long ride when there are big parties on. Bacchanal Wednesday can be classified as one of these big parties, so many partygoers went early to beat the traffic. We got there and were a bit amazed to see that at 9:30 pm the doors were open, wide open - but not as advertised at the Zen box office. It was wide open since they did not build the door yet. The crowd was lined in the street waiting for entry ... as they attempted entry, they were escorted out each time by security. A real jokey site to see ... it was like sitting on the dock of the bay watching waves roll in and the bouncers rolling them back out.

We could not bear it much longer and when sound test just began with the clock heading toward 10pm, we decided to take the show on the road and go get some beers. We returned at 12:30 am - with no help from the line of traffic we buck up from all de way down at the Yatch Club, and the show was in full effect with Destra on stage. Bacchanal Wednesday always delivers an all-star line up ... there was Destra, Alison Hinds, Surge, "Band of the Year" Xtatik who featured Zan, Patrice Roberts, Japanese Soca artist Minmi and Reggae artists Mr. Vegas and Red Rat.

Now there is one thing about this party that you can count on, and that is you see many friends that you have not seen in years. We talkin' frens from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, confirmation classes, U.W.I, football fete matches and so on. Many come from over seas and some just crawl out of the house after a year of staying home. It feels a lot like how heaven might feel when we get to see long lost friends and family. Special shout outs to Friends of the Jungle that we caught up with ... Busspepper Promotions (UK), Sprang International (DC), Alex Jordan (1Xtra UK), Zan, General Grant, Allison Hinds, AJ (formerly of BET 106 & Park) and of course de men behind it all, High Fidelity and Johnny.

All in all this was a decent fete ... a safe dance with lots of performances, fireworks and other stage cosmetics to wow the audience. The TJJ Crew was really on our night off, but we still took some pictures ... really just for the love our of TJJ family. That is love and dedication ent??!! ;-)

PS. For the Scalpers. This is Scalpers 101, if the door selling tickets for $300TT then you cannot sell for $400TT and $500TT, you suppose to sell at $250TT if you expect to sell. This just makes sense to us.