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A.W.O.L at Soul Beach
Date: Tuesday 21st February 2006
Location: Bay View Maracas, Trinidad
Promoters: Muzik Jumbies

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Well ah never see rain so yet, rain NON STOP whole day from mornin'. So by four o'clock it was either pass by Ramsaroop hardware for some wood tuh build ah ark, or head up the treacherous North Coast Road in a monsoon. Once we remember where we came from and where we going back to in a few days it was a no brainer. Like true true visiting Trini's we hit d road, Ramsaroop was closed anyhow :-) Bap bap, duck all kinda fall dong tree, two big rock and some wash down debris and we gone.

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If you been to TnT you know the venue. Yuh ever see a bar on the bend just before you round the corner to Maracas? Well that's were the fete was! So for the entire drive we thinking we must be some real party piongs to brave this weather for a fete, up on the north coast. Yuh believe is because we bend d corner to the venue and braps, cyah even find parkin' fuss people dey! Weyyyyyyy like carnival start! We doh even want to imagine what this fete go be like next year with good weather or what the turn out would have been this year if it didn't rain all day. Even in the rain, the view was spectacular.

So TJJ roll up in the dance with team Socaweb about 5ish, and the dance ram. It was an all inclusive, 2 bars and a couple food tents. Can't even really say who played but the music was good and one of the highlights of the night was a surprise appearance by Trinidad's champion iron side. If yuh hear styles, forward after forward after forward, we must be "neverseecomesee" but they blew us away!

We think BARS handled the bars and the food for this event and the service, at least from our perspective as the end user, was good. Unfortunately another promoter used BARS for his event the very next day and let's just say from the business to business perspective he'll probably be looking for an alternative next year! Large up Pixi, Ian and the crew for a great event. The crowd came out regardless of the weather and they were not disappointed. We had a time and it set the pace for a great carnival 2K6, can't wait for next year!

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