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UBERRRRRRRRRR!!! SOCAAAAAAAAA!!! Those words are still ringing in my ears as I reminisce on the pure awesome energy that is the UberSoca Cruise 2017. Let me start by saying that although I was not an UberVirgin for the 2017 sailing, I was not disappointed by the second round. It definitely exceeded expectations and was the prefect dose of Carnival, Soca, Love and Unity to close off the 2017 pump.


Arriving in sexy South Beach, Miami the day before sailing set the stage for what was about to come next. Beautiful, gorgeous women, ALL the biggest Soca artists and DJs, wine, jam, alcohol and music... and that's just the UberSoca Pre-Party that was held at Studio 23. Yes I know the place was ram cram, but since when is that a problem? Like my boy Dev said, IS JAM! You're guaranteed to get at least 3 bumpers pushing back for wine on a journey to the bar, who's complaining? Remember to pace yourself though, sail time tomorrow, so don't miss it!


As all the media and artistes rose the next day, it was pace as we all packed up and moved out. All aboard the beautiful Carnival Sensation! Got many mixed reviews about the change of cruise liner (from last year's Norwegian Pearl), but in my opinion this ship had everything we needed from the friendliest staff, proper signage so you're never lost, and always a pump somewhere. In true Caribbean style, we started the party one time with the Sail Away Party as we left the Port of Miami and drifted further and further away from all the stresses and problems we left on land. Tune and tune flowed from the skilled hands of DJs Ryan Sayeed, Barrie Hype, Crown Prince and performances by Giselle D Wassi One and St. Lucia's Teddyson John. Rest up and don't oversleep, we party again in the night.


Later that night came the White Party, probably the first full attendance party because all I remember thinking is, "Whey all dem woman does come from daddy?!" The whole cruise all decked out in white flooded the pool deck, swaying left and right in the beautiful lights. Another all-star cast including DJs D' Bandit, Avalanche. Dr. Jay, E-man, Barrie Hype and D' Enforcas with performances from the reining Trinidad Soca Monarch King Voice, Patrice Roberts and Iwer George. After the all-white affair came the true test for the real pumpers, the after-parties on the lower decks with talented DJs like Willy Chin, Jus-Jay and Kevin Crown to name a couple. Again, I cannot emphasize this enough, if you want to do all the events, you need to pace yourself.


First thing on Friday morning was Socacize Fitness, the ideal way for most to start off their day. What more can you ask for on a Carnival cruise than to wake up, stretch out and get the blood flowing to sweet Soca music orchestrated by the infamous Dr. Jay (sadly I overestimated my pumpability and overslept for the Socacize – again, pacing yourself is key). But when that's over don't just sit idly by, come and "knock some ball", "take ah sweat" and "show yuh skill" against all your favorite artistes and DJs at the Football Tournament. As that's over, time to hit the pool, cool off and enjoy the eye-candy. Powered by Bermuda Heroes Weekend, the Rum & Water Pool Party saw talents such as the Sons of Steel and Kerry D Drummer for that dose of "ping pang pong" and rhythm, coupled with the best DJs like Majestic, Mr. Panks of Nuphoric and D' General to name a few.


As the sun set over the pool party, it came time to get back to the cabins, freshen up and grab those jammies for the Theatre Turn Up: Pajama Edition. In one of the most belly hurting comedy shows, the energy in that theatre is nothing short of amazing. From the time Patrick The Hypeman touched the stage just to host, he had the crowd standing, dancing, singing and having a ball before the show even started. Then came Jah Simmons, one of Bermuda's finest comedians with one of his funniest sets so far. Following Jah was Majah Hype, the internationally viral comedian hailing from Brooklyn but representing all of the Caribbean diaspora. What better way to start your night off than a good hearty laugh session, and what better way to end the show than with a good soca session, pillow fight and as the name implied, a theatre turn up!


In true Uber style, we pumping from fete to fete, straight from the theatre, back to the pool deck, next came time for the UberJammy Jam. Come in your pajamas, we not sleeping! Another full cast party, but this time all the beautiful attendees came in their sleepwear, from lingerie to robes, boxers to onesies. Building the vibe were DJs Spice Int'l, Private Ryan, Barrie Hype, Freeze Int'l and Jester, followed by performances by chutney stars Ravi B and Nisha B (both of Karma band), Barbados' Peter Ram, Trinidad's 5Star Akil, Shal Marshall and Lyrikal (always reppin' Brooklyn strong). Closing the show was the Q.O.B (Queen of Bacchanal) Destra. And although this jam went until the late morning, there were still accommodation for those who still wanted more on the lower decks, MORE AFTER PARTIES!


As the sun rose on Saturday morning, it's time to look out your cabin windows and see the beauty that is Cozumel, Mexico. Time for J'ouvert in Cozumel! Just a short walk off the boat, through the little area full of food places, bars and tourist attractions and on to the beach we go. Paint, Powder and Soca with full sets from Bajan artiste Lil Rick who came to jam on "All Kinda Girls", Grenada's Lavaman who was rolling with ah big stick and a "Cukas Bag", Iwer George because the people want "Water" and Kes the Band to "Work Out", "Wine Up" and get on "Wotless". I can't even begin to describe how awesome the J'Ouvert experience was, and the photo galleries as good as they are can never compare to the feeling of experiencing it firsthand. Watch our FB Live stream towards the end of Kes the Band set. It was definitely an experience to add to your bucket list. But don't get too carried away, be back on the ship by 9 pm, take a two hours, get all cleaned up and whip out those costumes.


As we set sail out of the Mexican waters in the dark of night, it was time again to hit the pool deck and show off the beauty of Carnival at Midnight Mas (BYOC). Bring your own costumes for this event... your Monday wear, your pretty mas costume; remix it, make your own, heck even Halloween costumes are welcomed. More artistes to grace the stage included Sekon Sta for all the "Kings and Queens", Rupee for that "Tipsy" wine, Farmer Nappy to build his house in the fete and Skinny Fabulous to "Watch Thing" when the "Lights Go Down".


I'm not sure if it was just me, but it seemed like after all the pump, the first half of Sunday flew by quietly. As the afternoon came, we all moved to the theatre one last time for Talking Soca, one of the most thoughtful initiatives on the cruise so far. Talking Soca was an interacting and informative session with all the biggest people in the soca and carnival industry, opening up and letting attendees know the struggles, triumphs and journeys that led to where they were today. It definitely served as an eye-opening, perspective changing dose of humility. At the same time was a Pop-Up Pool Party on the pool deck where you can take your last soak of water, sun and soca brought to you by DJ Ana, Ultra Simmo, DJ Tate and DJ Skool Boi.


Last but not least came the Uber Finale, the last pump on the pool deck, fully attended with all the beautiful cruisers in their Sunday Best. Non-stop pump with DJs Back to Basics, TonyX, Young Chow, DJ Stephen (now Int'l Stephen) and performances by Hypasounds, Fadda Fox, Edwin Yearwood, King Bubba FM, Ricardo Drue and Kerwin Du Bois. Besides getting treated to another "Soca Cypher", this time to the live percussions of Kerry D Drummer, another definite highlight of year's cruise was experiencing some of the new 2018 Soca releases performed 1st hand by some of our favourite artistes. Kes & Patrice Roberts - "Like It Like That"; Kerwin Du Bois & Kes - "Feteland" and Teddyson John - "Gimme Dat" on the Haze Riddim; and Voice - "Year For Love" were all memorable moments. And don't get it twisted though, it may be named Finale, but again, the lower deck was pumping with after-parties for those who wanted to party until we were docked again in Miami Monday morning.


Now I'm sure I forgot to mention a few artistes and DJs who were on board. So quick shout out to DJs Riggo Suave, LLCoolBlaze, Dankers, Avalanche, Skorch Bun It (JG x Selecta Renegade), Lip Int'l and Blaze. Also artistes Tian Winter, Pumpa, Julian Believe and Ubersoca Cruise new artiste competition winner Miguel.


The UberSoca Cruise gets two big fat thumbs up again for a second year of amazing vibes, beautiful people, crazy energy, all-star casts. It's truly "An Experience Beyond The Music"! If you missed either the first, the second (which was sold out by the way) or both, be sure to book next year's spot early ( because this is ONE EXPERIENCE you'll never forgive yourself for missing. Stay tuned for our TJJ TV coverage.


Ubersoca Cruise 2017


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