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Rome x Destra - Lie Lie Lie (Sweet Sorrel Riddim)
Terry Seales - Los Worse Worse (Los Worse Worse Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Rocky - Drinkin Anything (Los Worse Worse Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
RemBunction - Invite Mehself Trinidad & Tobago
Splegs & Theatrics - Catch ah Vaps Trinidad & Tobago
Christian Mendez x Sophia Knaggz - This Christmas Trinidad & Tobago
Oscar B - Singing On Dat Trinidad & Tobago
Kevon Carter - Perfect Gift Trinidad & Tobago
Starr George - No Meat Trinidad & Tobago
Enrique Garcia - Eating Trinidad & Tobago
Natalya x Maha Productions - Little Tassa Boy Trinidad & Tobago
Eddie Charles - Hambone Trinidad & Tobago
Eddie Charles - Discount Trinidad & Tobago
Lucille 'Fuki' Charles - De Fowl Cock Trinidad & Tobago
Tricia Lee Kelshall feat. Crazy - Christmas Kaiso Trinidad & Tobago
Rikki Jai - The Whole Hog Trinidad & Tobago
Tedstar - We Passin' (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Renneh - Christmas Woes (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Nigel Couttier - Coming For Christmas (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Kerry John - Put Meh Out (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Joshua - Christmas Tabanka (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Fallon- Sweet Hand Kim (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Belto B - Need Ah Vene (Spanglish Riddim) Trinidad & Tobago
Denicia Riley - Season D Meat Trinidad & Tobago


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Trini Christmas Is The Best



Rome x Destra - Lie Lie Lie (Sweet Sorrel Riddim)



2019 Parang Soca Music Playlist[2019 Parang & Holiday Music Playlist - Click Here to Play]



Belto B - Need Ah Vene (Spanglish Riddim)
Blackie - Party For Christmas
Christian Mendez x Sophia Knaggz - This Christmas
Crazy - Parang Comin' (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
De Original Dougla - Issa Parangdero (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Del Toro - Ode To Mama (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Denicia Riley - Season D Meat
Eddie Charles - Discount
Eddie Charles - Hambone
Enrique Garcia - Eating
Fallon- Sweet Hand Kim (Spanglish Riddim)
G Von - Mi Familiar (Maciza Riddim)
Ian Small - Parang On De Road (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Iwer George - Mucho Dinero
Joshua - Christmas Tabanka (Spanglish Riddim)
June Smith - Happy Birthday Parang (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Kerry John - Put Meh Out (Spanglish Riddim)
Kevon Carter - Perfect Gift
Leon Coldero - Scrap Iron (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Leon Coldero - Te Amo (Maciza Riddim)
Lucille 'Fuki' Charles - De Fowl Cock
Miguel Maestre - Parang Time Again (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Natalya x Maha Productions - Little Tassa Boy
Nigel Couttier - Coming For Christmas (Spanglish Riddim)
Oscar B - Singing On Dat
RemBunction - Invite Mehself
Renneh - Christmas Woes (Spanglish Riddim)
Rikki Jai - It's Christmas Again (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Rikki Jai - The Whole Hog
Rocky - Drinkin Anything (Los Worse Worse Riddim)
Roger George & Nigel Lewis - Right Here (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Rome - China (Parangmin Riddim)
Sergio - Christmas Is Party Again (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 5)
Splegs & Theatrics - Catch ah Vaps
Starr George - No Meat
Tedstar - We Passin' (Spanglish Riddim)
Terry Seales - Los Worse Worse (Los Worse Worse Riddim)
Tricia Lee Kelshall feat. Crazy - Christmas Kaiso



Baron - Paradise (L.A. Parang Soca Riddim)
Bass AKA Trilo G - Ah Passin' (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
Blackie - Love Meh Christmas
Blackie - Paulita
Brass 2 The World ft. Snakey - Blacky
Christian Mendez - Give Love On Christmas Day
Crazy - Oh What A Christmas (L.A. Parang Soca Riddim)
Del Toro - Ponche Ah Creme (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
Elephant Man - Grinch
Ian Small - Jam D Parang (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
June Smith - Trini Parang (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
Lauren Lal - Christmas Treasures
Leon Coldero - Tell Meh When Yuh Coming (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
Drupatee - Christmas Wine
Marcia Miranda - Christmas Is A Love (L.A. Parang Soca Riddim)
Marcia Miranda - Wey De Turkey Gone
Mr. Duncan - This Year
Natalyah - Love From Switzerland
Nicko - Johnny Wok (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
RemBunction - Chac Chac Woman
RemBunction - Family Jam
RemBunction - The Christmas Spirit
Rikki Jai - Veni Christmas
Roger George - Bipolar Christmas (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
Rome - Apoo (Rome Riddim) | [Watch Music Video]
Rome - Sugar Mammy (Rome Riddim)
Sergio - Give Yuh This (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 4)
Tony Wylie - Open Yuh Door


Alicia Jaggasar - La Parranda De Trinidad
Bass aka Trilo-G - Feel Like Christmas
Blackie - Doh Hold Back
Crazy - Come Party (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
De Original Dougla - Parangology
Del Toro - Backyard (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Dyceman - Carrow
Ian Small - We Limin (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Jalena - Christmas With You
Kevon Carter - Spread Love
Leon Coldero - Parang in the Sun
Leon Coldero - Soca Parang Nice (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Los Alumnos De San Juan Parang Group - Despacito
Mani - Bottle & Spoon (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Marc Daniel - Midnight Parang
Mr. Duncan - This Year
Myron B - Christmas Love (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Niko - Wild Cat (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Noche Blanca - 2Chording
Philman - Parang n Pan (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Rome - Annie | [Watch Music Video]
Rikki Jai - Chutney Parang (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Tony Prescott - Comin Home (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol. 3)
Tony Wylie - Christmas Is You


Blackie - No Christmas Without Parang
Cassi - Laughing Santa
Chris Garcia - Drummer Boy
Chris Garcia - O' Holy Night
Da Spirits - Siparia Christmas
Drupatee - Chutney Parang
Rome - Spanish Parang
Ruby Khan Guptar - Mi Amor
Tricia Lee Kelshall x Kevon Carter - Call Me Baby


Anthony Adams - Sing The Chorus
Benjai - Beautiful Faces (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Chef Jason - Corkat
Crazy - No Holiday Like Xmas (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Chef Jason - Corkat (J'ouvert Remix)
Chole Camacho - Candy Canes
Chris Garcia - All I Want Is You
Chris Garcia - Christmas In My Heart
Del Toro - One Love Parang (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Derrick Seales - Salty (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Eddie Charles - Liquor (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Explainer - Black Cake
Impulse - Cup Cake (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Leon Coldero - Cuatro (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Leon Coldero - J'ouvert Christmas
Philman - Chicken Bottom (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Preacher - Reason For The Season (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Rome - Making It Hard (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
S.W Storm - Cherry In She Glass
Scrunter - Not Going Home
Scrunter - The Treasury
Sir Scars - Chritmas Thing (Christmas Vibes Riddim)
Slammer Cutter & Farm P - Buss Yuh Bar
Trisha Hamilton - Ah Stick Him (Christmas Vibes Riddim)


Trinidad Rio ft. Benjai - Wrong Man


Da Spirits - Ginger-Beer Jam
Eddie Charles - Ah Comin' Dey
Gen-Ex - Ah Different Christmas (Gospel On 'D' Go Riddim)
J Square - Christmas Chores (Gospel On 'D' Go Riddim)
Junior Blood Fire - Christmas Wine
LEDD - Christmas Praise (Gospel On 'D' Go Riddim)
Lennox Bowman - Enjoy 9 Morning
Natasha Wilson - Family
Private 6 ft Kakle - Slaughter Christmas (Zobbie Santa Riddim)
Renice - Ah Sweet Christmas (Gospel On 'D' Go Riddim)
Ron Boi - Go Gina en Español
S.W Storm - Wine 4 De Xmas
Scrunter - In De Back Yard (Soukous Riddim)
Skhi - Is Christmas Again
Third Bass - Chiquita Wine
Third Bass - What Dey Go Drink (Soukous Riddim)



Boyzie - Santa (Raisin Riddim)
Brother B - High (Excitement Riddim)
Brother B - Neighbour Ways (Christmas Riddim)
Buddy - Pork (Christmas Riddim)
Kennedy - She Dor Workin (Christmas Riddim)
KT - Xmas Come Back Again (Christmas Riddim)
Luni Spark - Drink (Raisin Riddim)
Shotta - You Getting Horn (Christmas Riddim)
Small Pin - Cake
Spider - The Neighbour's Cry (Excitement Riddim)
Squeezie - Jerico
Young Sound - Take It Easy (Excitement Riddim)
Z-One - Find (Raisin Riddim)


Ajala - Bring Yuh Rum (Cuatro-Man Riddim)
Blackie - New Car For Christmas (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Chai - De Parang Cyar Done (Cuatro-Man Riddim)
Da Spirit - Sweetbread
D'Chancellor - Why Yuh Drink Meh Rum
Fireball - All I Really Want (Christmas Reggae Riddim)
Fucha Kidd ft Gremstar - Christmas Wine
H2O Phlo - Christmas
Impulse - Don't Worry
Kenny J & RKG - One Foot (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Kevon Carter - Never Be The Same
Khari Kill - Boys and Girls (Christmas Reggae Riddim)
King Solomon ft Revelation - Christmas Time Again
Kool - My Christmas Tree (Cuatro-Man Riddim)
Kurt Allen & Alicia Jaggasar - Merry Carnival
Leon Coldero - Bella Trinidad
Lyrikal - Santa's Promise (Christmas Reggae Riddim)
Marlon Asher, Gailann & Dainjamental - Bring Back The Love (Christmas Reggae Riddim)
Michelle Gordon - All I Want For Christmas
Mr. King - Scrooge (Christmas Reggae Riddim)
Natasha Benjamin - Miss You
Pelf & Augusta - Something In We Hand
Private 6 - Christmas Coming
Pressure - Scrunting (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Queen Omega - Light The Colly Tree (Christmas Reggae Riddim)
Raymo - We Want De Parang
Rembunction - Macafouchette (Cuatro-Man Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Fork (Cuatro-Man Riddim)
Scrunter - All I Want For Christmas
Scrunter - Give Yuh Something (Brizan Mix)
Scrunter - Pension
Shawn Ma$tamind Noel - What Is Christmas Without Ah Rum (Cuatro-Man Riddim)
Snakey - Christmas Blues
Terra B - Jouvert Christmas
Third Bass - Par-Hang
Wendy Scantlebury - Christmas Praise
Young Voice - Loving Neighbor


Brother B - Help (Grenada)
Brother B - Mix It (Grenada)
Brother B - Same Old Ting (Grenada) Bongo Spear - De Hog
Cassi - Dip In Ah Sauce (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Chucky - Ole Time Christmas (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Crazy - One For Tito
Doggy & King R - She Want Me Come Home For The Xmas
Eddie Charles - Ho! Ho! Ho!
Fatman George and Inspector - Ideas (Grenada)
Fourbrass - Who Make Dat Parang (Grenada)
Goldmindz - Ring Ring (Grenada)
Jalwa ft Nicole Shael & Arkash - Ole Xmas Ways
Kareen Clarke - Christmas is Here (Barbados)
KMC - Iceless Christmas (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Leon Coldero - Rio Manzanare
Lil' Bitts - Mamacita
Naki - Good Man
Naki - O Holy Night
Merc - 12 Rum Days Of Christmas
Mista Vybe - Little Drummer Boy
Pelf - Last Brush (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Peter DeRoyce - One For The Queen (Daisy Voisin)
Poser - Give Dem
Prestan - Christmas Wine (Sponge Cake Riddim)
Ramie - Ah Tasting
Impulse & Snakey - Buy
Rootsman - This Christmas
Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel - Alúmbrame El Zaguán
Shawn Da Ma$tamind Noel - Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas
Shortpree - No Loneliness (Not Sober Riddim)
Slammer Cutter & Farm P - Buss Yuh Bar (Ginger Beer Riddim)
Steele - Little Drummer Boy
Steele - We Three Kings
Tallpree - Ham and Beer
Third Bass - Me and Mrs Claus (Santa Getting Horn)
Tigress - Joy To The World
Trigga - Christmas Tree (Not Sober Riddim)
Various Artists - Superstars Parang (Big Rich Pelau)
Vybz International - Gallis and Dem (Not Sober Riddim)
Wizz - Rum Man
Zappa - Dugly Gallis (Not Sober Riddim)


3rd Bass - Only For Christmas
Ajala - Charang Soca
Baron - Spanish Woman
Baron ft H2O Phlo - De Sweetest Christmas Lime (Sweetest Christmas Riddim)
Berbice - Christmas Not Enough (Grenada)
Brother B - Come Come (Grenada)
Brother B - Doh Blame Me
Brother B - You Know (Grenada)
Bunny B - Lap And Gouti Run
Clifford Learmond - All I Need (Cry Cry Cry)
Cro Cro - Obama Soca Parang
Da Ma$tamind & Fuki - Christmas By Yuh Mother
Da Ma$tamind & Patch - Rum and Roti
Da Spirits - Ham & Pastelle
Denise Belfon & The Family - Mandolin Fiesta (Sweetest Christmas Riddim)
Elo - Hold Him
Eric Powder - Presidential Parang
Eunice Peters - Ah Cyar Come
Fabio - Merry Christmas To The World
Freestyle King - Mehleh (Grenada)
GG - All I Want (Grenada)
H2O Phlo - Christmas By Ya Door (Sweetest Christmas Riddim)
H2O Phlo & Special - A Gift of Love
Lady Tantalizer - Merry Merry Christmas
Lavaman - Mad Christmas
Lil Bitts - Chica (Sweetest Christmas Riddim)
Marcus Baptiste - Ah Goin An Wuk
Melissa Precious Brown - Don't Wait
Mr. Killa - Take Ah Liquor (Grenada)
Mr. Shammi & Merc - Puncheon (Remix)
Mr. Thin Man - No War For The Christmas
Myron B - Parang Festival
Naki - Strike Up the Band
Patch - Big Turkey
Private 6 - Eating It (Changamas Riddim)
Ray-Mo - Ah Christmas Jam
Ray-Mo - Ah Christmas Jam (Version)
Ray-Mo - Remembering Daisy
RemBunction - Baila La Parang (Sweetest Christmas Riddim)
Ronoman - Castillian
Simple Dan - You Baby You
Simple Dan and Yagga - The Baccou
Simple Dread - T'iefing Santa
Skarpyon - People Cah Wait
Synnnah - One Rounds (Grenada)
Teddyson John - Bump & Grind Christmas (St. Lucia)


3rd Bass - Cash For Christmas
Anthony Doye Brereton - Let Christ And Santa Reign
Bandy Leggz - All I Want For Christmas (Driver Riddim)
Berbice - Is Christmas Time (Grenada)
Berbice - Neighbour (Grenada)
Big Drew - Drink Something
Boogie B - Friend (Grenada)
Brother B - Hard Wine (Grenada)
Brother B - Pork for the Christmas (Grenada)
Creig Camacho - High For Christmas
De Postman - Nothing For Christmas
Delee - Parang Party
Delee - Santa Want A Hug
Don Carlos - 1 Crazy Christmas (Grenada)
Eddie Charles - Parang Nice
GG - Mr. Why U Complaining (Grenada)
Jameila Hope - Silent Night
Jennifer Quashie - Christmas Medley
Jimmy King - Calling Me Name (Grenada)
JT - Is Only Pork
Kenny J - How Long It Is
Kevon Carter - Christmas Once Again
Krissy Grant - Sing It Out (St. Lucia)
Leon Coldero - Ron
Luta - Soca Christmas
Maffie & Crew - All I Want For Christmas (Remix)
Maffie & Crew - Drink a Rum
Maffie & Crew - I Leave My List (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Maffie & Crew - Ring Those Bells (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Marcia Miranda - The Letter
Merc - Horner Rum
Naki - Trini Christmas Bells
Peter DeRoyce - Parang In Meh Vein
Pupa Leendi - Jam De Christmas (Grenada)
Simple Dread - Liquor
Skatie - Miss Tu Young Tu Pong
Sterling E Hunte - Christmas Celebration
Synnah - Just Because Its Xmas (Grenada)
Tallpree - Xmas Party (Grenada)
Terra B - Lynette
Wezzy - Shot (Grenada)


3rd Bass - Who Party Is Dis
Adrian Dutchin - Very Merry Christmas
Crazy - Maria
Creig Camacho - Garlic Pork
Da $pirit$ - Black Cake & Sorrel
Devon Matthews - Neighbour (Red Parang Riddim)
Eddie Charles - Curtain Rod
Fuki - Suzie
H2O Phlo ft Francis Prime - Have Yourself A Merry Christmas
H2O Phlo ft Scrunter - Christmas With You
Hazel Noel - Alegria De Sonar
Hypa Hoppa - Eat (Red Parang Riddim)
Leon Coldero - Curry Christmas
Mel - Take It Back
Merc - Puncheon
Patch - All I Want For Christmas
Rene J. Grant - Ham (Red Parang Riddim)
Shaft - Tabanca Christmas


Annesia - Bobulups!!
Ataklan - Stagger (Christmas Stagger Riddim)
Cro Cro - Is Boom Boom Parang
Es El Tiempo - Chinee Parang
Leon Coldero - Parangin' in Brooklyn
Mba - One Drink & Go
Miguel ft. Billy Kincaid - Merry Christmas
Ninja (Kenson Neptune) - We Parang de Wrong House
Scrunter - Come Home
Skatie - Coconut Water


Blazer - Tantie Eulyn (Christmas Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Joy (Christmas Riddim)
General Grant - House To House (Christmas Riddim)
Ghetto Flex - Sweet Wine (Christmas Riddim)
H2o Phlo - H2o Phlo Christmas (Christmas Riddim)
Lil Bitts - Esta Fiesta (Christmas Riddim)



Baron - It's Christmas
Bindley B. - Santa Looking For A Wife
Colleen Grant - Latin Parang
Crazy - Parang Soca Medley
Crazy - Yvonne
Designer - I Love Christmas
Gypsy - Sarano Say
Kenny J. - De Paint Brush
Rikki Jai - Neighbour
Scrunter - Anita
Scrunter - De Parang Now Start
Scrunter - Piece Ah Pork
Sharlene Flores - Margarita Christmas
Sharlene Flores - Parang Soca Fun
Susan & Sally - Trini Christmas
Taxi - Indian Parang Chick (Cuchi La La)
The Mighty Trini - Rosie Balloon


C.I.DEE Sound System - Wicked Parang Mix [30:38 min]
Sprang International - "It's Parang Time" Mixdown [1:07:05 min]
Sprang International - "Bring Yuh Bottle & Spoon" Parang Mix [1:18:45 min]
Various Artists - Christmas Riddim Melody Mix [09:09 min]


DJ Private Ryan - Trini Christmas Parang: Only The Best
DJ Private Ryan - Trini Christmas Parang: Only The Best [1:18:25 min - Track Listing]



Sharlene Flores with Flores de San Jose

Parang, a traditional music artform, came from South America, through primarily Venezuela from there were heavy influences on Trinidad culture. Parang music are songs of Spanish lyrics with Venezuela rhythms. These songs traditionally sing the praises of the birth of Jesus Christ and are sung nationally during the Christmas season. Today's parang is very different from the traditional sound of the past. Flores de San Jose has incorporated the parang with calypso (parang soca), latin, merengue, and zouk to create its own new and unique sound with a greater Caribbean feel. But manu of the traditional parang instruments, (the cuatro, mandolin, maracus, scratcher), are still being used together with the modern instruments.

Roger D'ade

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