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Grenada Carnival 2018 Calendar of Events :: Grenada Spicemas 2018 :: Grenada Carnival Schedule | Grenada Carnival 2018 Fetes & All Inclusives :: D'Carnival Corner


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Grenada Carnival 2018 Calendar of Events

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Saturday August 4th, 2018
Children's Carnival Frolic - National Cricket Stadium, Grenada - 12pm-10pm Buy Tickets Now


Thursday August 9th, 2018
Juice - Porto Di Mare, Grenada - 3pm-10pm Buy Tickets Now
LaVida - Paradise Beach, Egmont Point/Le Phare Blue, Grenada - 4pm-2am Buy Tickets Now
National Carnival Queen Show - Spice Basket, Grenada - 8pm-12am Buy Tickets Now
Spice Addiction: Bienvenue - TBA, Grenada - 9pm-3am Buy Tickets Now
Blush - Maurice Bishop Memorial Highway, Grenada - 10pm-4am Buy Tickets Now


Friday August 10th, 2018
Spice Addiction: Le Crave - TBA, Grenada - 3pm-11pm Buy Tickets Now
SMC Groovy/Soca Monarch Final - National Cricket Stadium, Grenada - 8pm Buy Tickets Now
Permit Fete - The Aquarium, Grenada - 9pm-4am


Saturday August 11th, 2018
Binge 'Beach+Rum' - BBC Beach, Grenada - 3pm-10pm Buy Tickets Now
Spice Addiction: Fleet Sand - Rum Edition - TBA, Grenada - 4pm-11pm Buy Tickets Now
Panorama - National Cricket Stadium, Grenada - 7pm-2am Buy Tickets Now


Sunday August 12th, 2018
Sangria - The Brunch Series - Lavo Lanes, Grenada - 11am-5pm Buy Tickets Now
Rotary Club All Inclusive Carnival Fete - Spice Basket, Grenada - 12pm
Sunny Side Up Greneda - Secret Habour, Grenada - 2pm-11pm Buy Tickets Now
BeachBum - Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market. Grand Anse Beach, Grenada - 3pm-9pm Buy Tickets Now
Dimanche Gras - National Cricket Stadium, Grenada - 7pm
DayBreak - Pre Jouvert Fete - New Hampshire , Grenada-10pm Buy Tickets Now


Monday August 13th, 2018
Spicemas J'Ouvert - St. George's, Grenada - 3am-11am
Spicemas Monday Mas - St. George's, Grenada - 1pm
Spicemas Monday Night Mas - St. George's, Grenada - 8pm


Tuesday August 14th, 2018
Spicemas Tuesday Parade of the Bands - St. George's, Grenada - 10am


Wednesday August 15th, 2018
Sun, Sand and Soca - TBA, Grenada - 4pm-11pm Buy Tickets Now


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Carnival Classifieds

Carnival Classifieds
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