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Bacchanal Jamaica 2016 | Jamaica Carnival 2016 | Carnival in Jamaica 2016 Coverage :: on the inside
Bacchanal Jamaica 2016 Video Coverage (TJJ TV)
Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 1

April 03rd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 2

April 03rd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 3

April 03rd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 4

April 03rd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 5

April 03rd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 6

April 03rd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica Road March 2016 "Legacy" - Part 7

April 03rd 2016

Frenchmen Bazodee 2016

April 02nd 2016

Sunrise Breakfast Party 2016 - Part 1

April 02nd 2016

Sunrise Breakfast Party 2016 - Part 2

April 02nd 2016

Sunrise Breakfast Party 2016 - Part 3

April 02nd 2016

Sunrise Breakfast Party 2016 - Part 4

April 02nd 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica - Bacchanal J'Ouvert 2016 - Part 1

April 01st 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica - Bacchanal J'Ouvert 2016 - Part 2

April 01st 2016

MEDZ Breakfast Boat Ride - Part 1

April 01st 2016

MEDZ Breakfast Boat Ride - Part 2

April 01st 2016

Frenchmen Block-O 2016 - Part 1

March 31st 2016

Frenchmen Block-O 2016 - Part 2

March 31st 2016

aFLOAT Soca Cruise - Part 1

March 31st 2016

aFLOAT Soca Cruise - Part 2

March 31st 2016

Illusions First UP

March 30th 2016

Bacchanal Jamaica - Revellers Fete

March 30th 2016

I LOVE SOCA 'Jamaica's Coolest Cooler Fete' 2016

March 30th 2016

Tabanca Tuesdays "Pan vs. DJ"

March 29th 2016

DUSK - Soca in the Hills - Part 1

March 28th 2016

DUSK - Soca in the Hills - Part 2

March 28th 2016

SUN RUM FUN Cruise 2016 - Part 1

March 27th 2016

SUN RUM FUN Cruise 2016 - Part 2

March 27th 2016

Beach J'ouvert 2016 - Part 1

March 26th 2016

Beach J'ouvert 2016 - Part 2

March 26th 2016

Rise Up Breakfast Beach Party 2016 - Part 1

March 26th 2016

Rise Up Breakfast Beach Party 2016 - Part 2

March 26th 2016

Rise Up Breakfast Beach Party 2016 - Part 3

March 26th 2016

Bacchanal New Year 2016 - Fete & Band Launch

January 08th 2016


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It is something about the Carnival, Something about Partying In The Carnival, Something about Drinking In The Carnival ...

It is one of our annual carnival experiences we at TJJ look forward to the most. We held a consensus! Outside of Trinidad Carnival, we still strongly maintain Bacchanal Jamaica is the best carnival any person can experience! Our team is always five plus deep and we ensure we carry out a through investigation every year. We're happy to report that Carnival in Jamaica has been growing each and every year, and the world is surely taking notice. In fact this one day carnival (the actual parade day) has already surpassed other two day carnivals through out the Caribbean region. As for the party scene, this went from 0 to 100 in the past couple years. 8 years ago, all events were pretty much either a Bacchanal Jamaica or Frenchmen event. Today, both Jamaican and other Caribbean promoters have entered the market, bringing Jamiaca one step closer to a Trinidad Carnival type pace when it comes to non-stop partying.

If you have never read one of our Bacchanal Jamaica reviews before, well then, may I say that this one has a bag of new entries in the party schedule and loads more people! Here's the Scorn's Log of Bacchanal Jamaica 2016:


Good Friday to the following Monday. You need a total of five (5) working days off your Holiday Entitlement if you have a "corporate" job. Otherwise, find yourself here from Good Friday!


The first three days (Easter Weekend) you are in Ocho Rios, what the Jamaican's refer to "country" and from Easter Monday to the following Monday you are in New Kingston ("town"). Lots of awesome hotels and villas in Ochi, but our home for the past 8 years has been the small boutique Hibiscus Lodge. In New Kingston, we recommend Spanish Court, Jamaica Pegasus, The Courtleigh Hotel, Knutsford Court or the proverbial "By A Friend". Also, we realised this year, Airbnb big and large and in charge GLOBALLY.


Glorious Saturday - As said before, we suggest you land on Good Friday. Find yourself in Ocho Rios. Link up with the crew and share some banter, drink a few drinks and then hit the bed! Because first thing in the morning we are pumping at Frenchmen's Rise Up Breakfast Party at Pearly Beach. Settings:- A beach, hot sun, food and drinks inclusive, soca and dancehall pumping through the speakers ... international DJs ... maybe a guest surprise artiste ... uhm? Why Are You Not Here??!!


After the beach party, we head to another beach party: Beach J'ouvert! Bacchanal Jamaica presents their annual "shinding", this year with headerliner Queen of Bacchanal Destra & Bakanal The Band and guest artiste Farmer Nappy. Settings:- Open area field next to James Bond Beach, PAINT, top notch DJs, drinks inclusive, food on sale, paint-free zone, VIP area, live performances, PAINT and more PAINT .... again ... Why Are You Not Here?!


Easter Sunday - After a long day on the Saturday, you have your breakfast and you heading to either one of the following: Trini Jungle Juice's annual SUN RUM FUN cruise (in Ochi) or M7 Events' Marbana (in Port Antonio - about a 2 hour drive from Ochi). The choice is all yours, "the blue or the red pill" ... both rewarding! Of course, you don't have to ask where we were. Settings:- A catamaran, drinks Inclusive, local and int'l DJs, finger foods (surprise), swim stop (raft with alcoholic beverages provided), madd vibes... I have asked and I will ask again .... Why Are You Not Here!?


Monday - Time to leave Ocho Rios. Take the drive, two routes ... 1) The scenic route where you get to see the local sights (like Fern Gully or the infamous Pum Pum Rock), make food stops (Lyming At Walkerswood or Faith's Pen) buy some fresh fruit and see how the country is developing OR 2) Take a smooth ride down the newly built highway and arrive in Kingston in half the time. Two events in the afternoon/evening - New entry Caesar's Army Boozé (12p-5p) and DUSK - Soca in the Hills (4pm-midnight) held in Beverly Hills. Our scenic drive didn't allow us to make Boozé, so Dusk it was after a needed power nap. Settings:- Drinks Inclusive, a venue with an awesome view and food on sale. Somebody reminded me to ask you .... Where Were You!?


Tuesday - It may come to a surprise to some people when they hear Pan in Jamaica but as one Caribbean connection, you should not! Tuesday night we attend the after work vibe event Tabanca Tuesdays "Pan vs DJ" hosted by SunNation. Settings:- CRU carpark, DJs blasting music, Pan Side ponging steel into sweet music, flowing bar and food on sale .... should I ask? I shall .... Where Were You!?


Wednesday - Big Day ... Long Day ... Heavy Day. Three (3) events ... not smoothly flowing into one another, but still manageable for carnival gurus like ourselves. First stop, new Wednesday entry Illusions First UP - intimate, rooftop lime. Next up, another new entry - Bacchanal Jamaica's Revellers Fete. Well boy, another intimate event ... we at TJJ love the intimate vibe ... and how can we forget it was Drinks Inclusive, which included a Bubbly Bar. Big It Up!! The event was held at Club 100, which was a welcoming change of atmosphere from their usual Mas Camp events.


And finally, to round off Carnival Wednesday, we headed to Sabina Park (only Test cricket ground in Kingston) for the ever so growing I LOVE SOCA - Jamaica's Coolest Cooler Fete. Self Explanatory ... Cooler Party ... Bring your own poison! Now since we did not see you in any of these three (3) events ... we are getting worried ... Why Aren't You Here Yet!?


Thursday - By now most of the foreigners and returning residents from all over have been introduced into the Carnival Season and we have a full squadron of people and should not really have any more new faces. Thursday afternoon (3pm-8pm) we definitely are going to aFLOAT Soca Cruise (yes, another part TJJ promotion). Shout outs to Bellamy, Richie RAS and Ian. Settings:- A "Different" kind of boat, Drinks Inclusive, a wicked spread of food both pre and post sailing, musical seniuses on board and as Kerwin would say, "All Kinda Kind" on board.


In the night (7pm-midnight... more like 1am), there is only ONE place to go ... Frenchmen's Block-O. This has been a STAPLE in Bacchanal Jamaica ever since we've been going... you just simply have to experience it. It used to be a cash bar event but changed to a Drinks Inclusive last couple of years, and hopefully it never goes back! Look around you will find ... wait ... you still not here? Why Aren't You Here Yet!?


Friday - You want to recover? NO! Make sure you get a couple of hours sleep as the morning is ram jam with events. Returning for their 2nd year, Vale Vibe Jamaica (12:30am - 5am) keeps the party momemtum going, followed closely by two new comers... both in the same timeslot (6am-10am), Candy Coated BREAK Breakfast and MEDZ Breakfast Boat Ride. We headed to MEDZ ... don't wuss out ... don't be a snail ... get up ... you cannot get away like that you have to come out and fete!!


Friday evening, Scorch crew was back with their popular Duck Work fete. Friday night... you want to have a time, hold a vibe and feel great ... lose control find your soul at Bacchanal Jamaica's Bacchanal J'Ouvert. MUST ... NOTHING ELSE ... MUST ... don't be a loser and stay home! You love carnival? Then you have to be HERE! Settings:- Drinks All Inclusive, food on sale (included for VIP), PAINT, live performances (2016 saw headliner Kes The Band and special guest Ricardo Drue both doing a bang up job), and more PAINT. Should I even ask? Should I even bother now? F__ it .... You Should Be Here!!


Saturday - You do not sleep .... Why? We have the "Breakfast Fetes of all Breakfast Fetes" to attend to ... SunNation's Sunrise Breakfast Party. Some label this event as the best, if not one of the best breakfast parties in the Caribbean arena with respect to a Carnival Season. Yes, it is THAT GREAT! Settings: Spacious venue, lots of parking with shuttle service, serene views, FOOD, drinks, FOOD, drinks, FOOD, drinks, exceptional DJs, performances ... performances ... performances ... FOOD, drinks, drinks and more drinks. I am not even going to ask where you were .... because you are NOT here!


If you've managed to survive the intense party week, and have the energy (which true carnivalists should), you currently have 3 options for Saturday night. #1 - Frenchmen's Bazodee All Inclusive. With a wide variety of food, top shelf alcohol, awesome DJs and surprise performaces ... it's self explanatory why you will find team TJJ at Bazodee every year. Options #2 and #3 are GLOW - All White Soca Party and new comer Carnival at Night - The Pre Mas Fete, both giving Bacchanal Jamaica carnivalists drinks inclusive choices, each with their own unique vibe.


Sunday - The final day of this aftermath of excitement is definitely by all means Bacchanal Jamaica's ROAD MARCH. Put on your pretty costume ... put on whatever make up you want to apply ... (it will come off ... rain showers on a lovely day) ... and gyrate your entire body for almost 12 hours!! Nothing could beat that thrill and there's only ONE BAND to jump up with - BACCHANAL JAMAICA! The only hard selection is which music truck you want to follow!! This year's theme was "Legacy" in memory of the late Fuzzy who we are certain was wining, chipping, jumping and raving with all of us.


This year, a judging point/stage was re-introduced into the road experience (kudos) and we're totally stoked to announce that our section "Le Masquerade" proudly sponsored by Pure Country won the 'SPIRIT OF CARNIVAL' award for Bacchanal Jamaica 2016. Thank YOU to everyone who pumped with Team TJJ! Congrats to Pure Country who also won 'BEST COSTUME' with their "Dreams" section. Another new change we saw with this year's Road March was Bacchanal Jamaica allowing persons to wear their own personal costumes (not including Monday Wear, Leisure Wear or Swimsuits) once going through the proper approval regulations and channels at a minimal cost to join the band.


So clearly, you were not here ... I am disappointed .... maybe we will see you next year?? If not ... "SIGHS".

Is that real or is that fake gyal? I just want to know, I just want to know ... I don't want to really be disrespectful! I just want to know, I just want to know ...


We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!


Bacchanal Jamcia 2016

Sidney aka Scorn Juice and the 2016 TJJ Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival Team
-- Daddy Juice, LeeQuest, Sammy Juice, Juicy Juice, & Original Lime Flavour


Scorn's Jamaica 2016 Disclaimer: The Minister Of Health advises that partying with and attending Carnivals that Professional and Experienced TJJ Fet-a-lot-athon® Party Gurus are present, have been proven to be disastrous to ones health. If you do come across any TJJ Party Gurus please be advised that we are not just professionals ... We KNOW Carnival! We LOVE Carnival! We ARE Carnival! Furthermore, these pictures are meant for enjoyment and promotional purposes only! Any resemblances to real people, living or dead is purely coincidental! Please do not view these pictures while operating heavy machinery! Finally, after going through these splendid images we at TJJ are not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform!

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Destination Carnival: Jamaica

8 years later, #teamTJJ returns to Jamrock to enjoy our favourite carnival outside of Trinidad & Tobago. Trini Jungle Juice "Destination Carnival - Jamaica 2016" hosted by Dre aka The Carnival Ref. Edited by LeeQuest World | A TJJ TV Production.


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