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Frenchmen Bazodee Part 2(Jamaica)
Frenchmen Bazodee Part 2

April 26th, 2014
Frenchmen Bazodee Part 1 (Jamaica)
Frenchmen Bazodee Part 1

April 26th, 2014
Candy Coated Beach Lime (Jamaica)
Candy Coated Beach Lime

April 25th, 2014
Frenchmen Block-O 2014 (Jamaica)
Frenchmen Block-O 2014
April 24th, 2014
I LOVE SOCA Part 1 (Jamaica)
I LOVE SOCA 2014 Part 2

April 23rd, 2014
I LOVE SOCA Part 1 (Jamaica)
I LOVE SOCA 2014 Part 1

April 23rd, 2014
Frenchmen Lyme (Jamaica)
Frenchmen Lyme

April 23rd, 2014
Tabanca Tuesdays (Jamaica)
Tabanca Tuesdays

April 22nd, 2014
DUSK 2014 - Soca in the Hills (Jamaica)
DUSK - Soca in the Hills

April 21st, 2014
BayCrest Kampai 2014 (Jamaica)
BayCrest Kampai 2014

April 20th, 2014
Trini Jungle Juice: SUN RUM FUN Cruise (Jamaica)

April 20th, 2014

Bacchanal Jamaica ... it Shot!

Jamaica has ONE BIG BAD STINK Carnival ON D ROAD! Yes, Jamaica has a Carnival and it's called "Bacchanal Jamaica"! Not only is the carnival getting bigger and better, but more people are getting involved and the world is paying attention.

Since the start of the year, most of the top soca artistes and DJs got the carnival vibes pumping at Bacchanal Jamaica's "Bacchanal Fridays" held at every week at Mas Camp. And the buzz from Destra aka the Q.O.B. (Queen of Bacchanal) performance at Bacchanal Fridays' finale (April 11th) and Sunnation's "Sundown - D'Original Carnival Cooler Fete" (April 12th) was still in the air when we touched down on the rock Easter Friday. So let's just say that we were filled with anticipation and excitment to see what this year's Jamaica Carnival had to offer.

The core of any successful carnival is having a great parade, or what they call "Road March" in JA. And what a phenomenal day it was (see Road March short video); sexy masqueraders (man o man, the ladies looked HOTT), beautiful costumes (extremely sexy this year - less is definitely MORE!), the music was on point (hats off to all the DJs on the road), drinks all around, well prepared lunch stop (freshly prepared food for Frenchmen's section always showcases what top notch service is all about), tight security (police did an exceptional job keeping everything running smooth) .... and a Las Lap at Mas Camp (dinner & drinks inclusive) where KES treated everyone to another surprise performance. Bacchanal Jamaica ... Kudos! We recommend a properly announced shuttle service from Mas Camp to the band for the 1st two hours of parade AND having security place more emphasis on the last hour of Road March instead of the first when it comes to keeping the eager public outside the ropes.

With a solid Road March intact, the next layer is J'Ouvert. And Bacchanal Jamaica has not one, but two J'ouverts! The first one is the must do and biggest event in JA every Easter weekend (and we're talking Carnival events here) - "Beach J'Ouvert" in Ocho Rios (see video). And the second is "Bacchanal J'Ouvert" held on the Carnival Friday in Kingston. Always expect top headline acts and loads of paint! The formula is simple - MORE PAINT = MORE FUN! Of course, let's not forget the free drinks!! And for 2014, the Romans invaded ... yes, Caesar's Army brought their "A.M.Bush" jouvert concept to the shores of Jamaica.

The 3rd layer of a successful carnival comprises of the events, which is further broken into the following sub catagories - Breakfast Parties; Cruise/Boat Rides; Fetes/Parties/All Inclusives. And guess what? Bacchanal Jamaica has them ALL!

In their 3rd year, Sunnation has established the main Breakfast Party held on the Carnival Saturday morning called "Sunrise". But event connoisseur, Frenchmen, introduced their "Rise Up" Beach Breakfast Party the week before, making the Easter Weekend in Ochi a quite stacked party weekend. Two words, "All Inclusive". You don't want to miss this one next year! (see Rise Up video) Didn't make it out to Ochi? Well there's new comer "Canboulay Breakfast Party" in Portland (Porti as the yardie's say) Monday morning from 6am-2pm.

What's needed next? A cruise!! In comes Trini Jungle Juice to the rescue with what folks are calling the surprise event for the carnival, "SUN RUM FUN" carnival cruise. It was sooooo nice (see video), not only we're going to do it twice... BUT look out for a Summer edition!

Quick recap, that's a Road March, 3 J'Ouvert's, 3 Breakfast Parties and 1 Cruise. So let's talk about all the parties. This year, both Frenchmen and Sunnation/CPJ also played a role in building the carnival anticipation with their "French Lyme" (at The Deck on Wednesdays) and "Tabanca Tuesdays" (at CRU Bar & Kitchen on Tuesdays) weekly pre-carnival events.

Switching from a bottle party to drinks inclusive, "DUSK" is the party to be at on Monday in Kingston. "I LOVE SOCA Cooler Fete" introduced live performances this year and controls the Wednesday night soca crowd. Thursday's corner stone event, "Frenchmen Block-O" (now a Free Drinks party... how great is this!) went up against "Pandemonium" (held on Carnival Friday last year) which features Machel & Shaggy. Decisions, decisions ... especially with parties in JA ending at 1-2AM because of noise regulations. After six years of Bacchanal Jamaica, going home early is something we're still getting use to!

Our two favourite All Inclusives are still BayCrest's "KAMPAi" (Easter Sunday night) and Frenchmen's "Bazodee" (Carnival Saturday night). Going all out, we checked out another new entry "GLOW - Electronic Drink Inclusive Fete", managing to catch a few hours of shut eye before hitting "Road March".

My advice to Bacchanal Jamaica Virgins:-

1. Do the full 10-day stretch! Easter Friday to the Monday following Bacchanal Jamaica's Road Mach. It's worth every penny!

2. Bacchanal Jamaica gets better every party. Unlike Trinidad Carnival where everyone is open and friendly from day one, Jamaican's are more receptive once they get to know you. Appreciate making new friends; that's a great aspect of carnival.

3. Enjoy the island and it's offerings. The beaches of Ocho Rios & Negril are spectacular. Visit Strawberry Hill, Blue Mountain, Appleton Estate Tour and Bob Marley Museum. Stock up on local fruits. Eat fresh lobster & fish at Hellshire.

4. Yes, Bacchanal Jamaica is only one mas band, BUT there's no other place need to BE! The parade route is long so take your vitamins and stay hydrated. Pay attention to the DJ’s, stay within the security ropes and always look out for truck trailer wheels. Leave your valuables at home – it's an All Inclusive mas band – walk with minimal cash and secure your phone and cameras (especially from rain).

5. As Dr. Ram Dass stated, wining on the same person for too long (or too short) can send the wrong message. A Trini wine is very different from a Bajan wuk up, which is also different from a Jamaican wine (or dagger) .... Enjoy sampling the variety!

Bacchanal Jamcia 2014

We Love Carnival ... We Know Carnival ... WE ARE CARNIVAL!

Yours truly,
Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref; and the 2014 TJJ Bacchanal Jamaica Team
-- D' Young Juice, GiGi, Juicy Juice & Frenchie

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Bacchanal Jamaica 2014

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