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Kampai 2012 (Jamaica)
Kampai 2012

Apr 8th, 2012
Bacchanal Jamaica 2012 Extras (Jamaica)
Bacchanal Jamaica 2012 Extras

Apr 7th - Apr 15th, 2012

Party Guru Report Card for Bacchanal JA 2012

Rank Event Name
BayCrest KAMPAi 2012
Soca @ de Sandbar 2012
I Love Soca 'Soca Bliss'
Frenchmen Block-O 2012
Frenchmen All-Inclusive "Bazodee" 2012
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Bacchanal Jamaica, what an Experience!

Jamaica you have a carnival and it is one of the best in the world! The sweetness was the lush green forests, the drive through some dangerous gulllies, the cool island breeze on the drive from Ocho Rios to Negril, the beautiful beaches, and most of all the amazing and wonderful warm Jamaicans.

You need to get to Jamaica Easter weekend, one week before the Carnival to totally enjoy the experience. Bacchannal Jamaica's "Beach J'Ouvert" in Ochi was the first fete of the weekend, and unlike other 'beach' parties we were actually by the beach. The venue was large, the bars were well stocked, the paint was flowing. There was a water slide, foam tent and even showers for the post paint wash down. People that wanted to get dutty did so from head to toe; they were covered in paint. If that is not your scene there was also a "No Paint" Zone. Machel Montano and HD band performed a marathon two hour set, it was AH-Mazin! Everyone enjoyed his performance, and I was more blown away by seeing a non-Trini crowd LOVING Soca...... pumping their flags, slippers, drinks and most importantly their 'batty's' to Machel.

Easter Sunday was BayCrest's Kampai at the Dunns River Falls. There were nuff premium bars and the Absolute cocktail bar and Happy Ice Shots were a definite hit. Food was good too, freshly made Sushi, Indian, Italian and of course Jamaican cuisine. The crowd was mature and sexy; girls well dressed and fellas looking sharp. Everyone came out to drink and have a good time. Not even the rain could stop us.

The next few days were spent chillin. We took time off to drive to Negril to experience another part of Jamaica. Negril is the place to go to chillax not for wild partying. We visited Rick's Cafe and jumped off the cliff. Please be aware that this is dangerous and we are not promoting that you do the jump. The bruises that we had the next day from hitting the water at a bad angle is testament to the fact that despite what the life guards at Rick's tell you water is not soft!

After a dangerously winding 4 hour drive back to Kingston looking out for the Babylon who seem to jump out at every turn we made it back in one piece. Wednesday was "Soca @ de Sandbar" and "I Love Soca" both were cool limes, but not on the same scale as the previous events. Frenchmen Block-O on Thursday got you ready for what was to come for the rest of the weekend. All the pretty people we out to have a good time. By Friday night we were primed for Bacchanal J'ouvert and weren't disappointed. Everybody was out for the event, the usual Jamaican crowd that I had gotten used to seeing at every event I attended during the trip as well as what seemed like the rest of Kingston. The paint flowed and d Bacchanal was in the mas camp first and then out on the road for J'ouvert. Once again Jamaicans amazed me with their love of Soca and everything Carnival there wasn't a bottom in the road without paint!! smile

Frenchmen All-Inclusive 'Bazodee' was definitely one not to miss on Saturday. They say Jamaican's were the ones that invented all inclusive and this fete was a perfect example. We had everything you could think of to eat including steak, doubles, jerk pork and chicken, conch and even pigtail. Yup that little known delicacy of BBQ pigtail. The other thing I learned about Jamaican's is that they love to drink as much, if not more than, Trini's ... so the bars were stocked with premium drinks. Thank goodness for the dancefloor cause this is one party ladies where you put on your best outfit and your man-eater heels, and there was mud everywhere from the rain. Think (and I say think because of how good the drinks were wink) we closed the fete that is to tell you how good it was!

Finally! ROAD MARCH! Any Carnival lover knows you could go to all the best parties but nothing and I say nothing makes or breaks a Carnival like your road experience. Bacchannal Jamaica ... WOW! I would have never believed I could enjoy a mas outside of Trinidad the way I did your band. The people and costumes were gorgeous. The music fantastic. The service perfect.

Everybody had a time ... I will be back next year 4 sure.

So people what did I learn over the 10 days I was blessed to visit Jamaica:-

1. Do go from Easter weekend and start the celebrations in Ocho Rios, bank account and vacation permitting

2. Don’t believe all the sweet lyrics you get from the Jamaican men.... it's just lyrics

3. Do visit Negril for SUN, SEA, SAND

4. Unless you know what you're doing, don't cliff jump at Rick's cafe

5. Do enjoy the nice scenic drives around the coast

6. Don't speed

7. Do eat lots of fresh sugarcane

8. Don't forget your money for Pan Chicken after a fete

9. Do play mas with Bacchanal Jamaica

10. Don't miss Bacchanal Jamaica 2013!

Team TJJ @ Bacchanal Jamcia 2012

Yours truly,
Juicy Juice; and the 2012 TJJ Bacchanal Jamaica Team
-- Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref, Scorn, Frenchie and D' Young Juice

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Bacchanal Jamaica
Bacchanal Jamaica

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