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I Love Soca 2011 (Jamaica)
I Love Soca 2011

Apr 27th, 2011
Pan Fete 2011 (Jamaica)
Pan Fete 2011

Apr 27th, 2011
Kampai 2011 (Jamaica)
Kampai 2011

Apr 24th, 2011
Beach J'Ouvert 2011 (Jamaica)
Beach J'Ouvert 2011

Apr 23rd, 2011
Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 Extras (Jamaica)
Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 Extras

Apr 27th - May 1st, 2011

Party Guru Report Card for Bacchanal JA 2011

Rank Event Name
Pan Fete 2011 "Ultimate Pan & Soca Fete"
I Love Soca 'So High'
Soca @ de Sandbar "Beach Party"
Frenchmen All-Inclusive "Bazodee"
Frenchmen Block-O 2011
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Bacchanal Jamaica - Sweet Dreams & My Beautiful Nightmare ... Nobody Pinch Me!!!! Nobody Wake Me Up!!!!! It was to Fantastic to be True!!!!

Jamaica being a Caribbean island and a very famous one in fact, totally the most famous of the Caribbean islands of us all - there must be a Carnival on the island! Two months after Trinidad & Tobago Carnival; Jamaica presents itself as a definite PCD (Post Carnival Depression) cure - WITHOUT FAIL! This being my first encounter with the cure, I am glad to report that it is a definite success! An absolute success - if ever a "drug" shows successful signs - this is how it should be done!! Bacchanal Jamaica … Here I Come!!!

With Daddy Juice & Frenchie aka De Camel already on the island from Easter Weekend, they got to enjoy both Kampai & the best J'ouvert party in the world apparently - Beach J'ouvert. Without a shadow of a doubt however, I know those two blokes had a splendid and spectacular time at these events and without fail highly recommend everyone's attendance next year .... including myself!

After the Carnival Jumbie take me over and in desperate need of a cure for that immoral depression of Trinidad Carnival ending - I booked my flight Sunday night - oh yeah - Kingston bound Wednesday morning ... but wait … have to go through the ordeal of flying through the USA 1st ...

Heathrow ---> Newark - 8pm to 12am; link up my girl Fayola, drop me in Newark, fall asleep on about 4 chairs at the airport!
Newark ---> Miami - 6am to 9:30am; bounce up meh girl Afiya, buy two bottle of vodka, Ciroc (that never got finished) and Absolut Vanilla (finished on the first day); and finally
Miami ---> Kingston - 10:20am to 11:50am

Yes ... What the Hell ... 20 hours flying time ... and guess what? Heading straight to Lime Cay Beach Party Lime ... hold the line!!!!! Maxine, Yannick & Kerry ... love you guys for my first entertainment of my trip - absolutely loved it! Soca @ de Sandbar was definitely a release of "stress" after my twenty hour journey! Cannot complain at all about the beach lime ... apparently the crowd has fluctuated over the years, but the vibe was still very much present and selling pipe was ah must!

So four more days left of bliss - of adventure - euphoria beyond one's imagination that can be possible and experiencing the complete cure for that depression! This year a new event took place on the Wednesday night which we embraced - I Love Soca - definitely one that should not be missed, especially if you did not attend the beach party or Pan Fete. Pan is a definite must especially if you enjoy the culture of the pounding iron which makes some people bazodee … without fail!

Thursday you should definitely spend time to take in Jamaica - or at least visit one spot that is recommended by people. Some suggestions are Blue Mountain, Bob Marley Museum, Strawberry Hill and Hellshire. This year Frenchie, Jules, Miche & I decided we will splash up and down on the beam filled pool in Strawberry Hill ... fantastic times ... next year we looking to jump up and down on the mountain!!

Frenchmen has made their mark on Jamaica's Carnival with two events that we at TJJ have to say along with the Scorn's stamp of approval you should not miss i.e. Frenchmen's Block-O & Ambassadors Bazodee All Inclusive. With imported DJs like Alicia D' Duchess direct from Trinidad, Back to Basics from NY & DJ Smoke alongside Delano at times of Renaissance Disco... these fetes were sticky!!!! Frenchmen also introduced a live Riddim Section for both fetes. And this year we even got a surprise albeit short performance from Machel Montano HD at Bazodee … it was Soca Heaven!

What is a Carnival without a J'Ouvert??!! Now I am going to make a statement here .... Bacchanal J'Ouvert is close to as much fun as you will have in Trinidad J'Ouvert ... That is all I will say on the matter ... check the galleries & videos for yourself!!

The final Day of this aftermath of excitement is definitely by all means the ROAD MARCH ... you put on your pretty costume ... you put on whatever make up you want to apply ... (it will come off ... rain showers on a lovely day!!) ... and you gyrate your entire body for almost 12 hours!! Nothing could beat that excitement and you only have ONE BAND - BACCHANAL JAMAICA - to jump up with. The only hard selection is which music truck you want to follow!!

Scorn's DO's For Carnival in Jamaica:-

  • Buy your airline ticket last minute (not advised for the weak hearted or El Cheapo) - Gives You A Complete Adrenaline Rush;
  • Stay in or as close to New Kingston as possible - Knutsford Court Hotel is our home away from home;
  • Visit either Strawberry Hill, Blue Mountain, Bob Marley Museum and definitely Hellshire
  • Play Mas with Bacchanal Jamaica;
  • Definitely attend Bacchanal J'Ouvert (& Beach J'Ouvert if you have the vacation time); and
  • Walk with SPF 50 Waterproof Sun Block .... Kingston HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Scorn's DON'Ts For Carnival in Jamaica:-

  • Always take a taxi with somebody local or from the Caribbean;
  • Don't mix Appleton with Smirnoff .... instant Headache;
  • Don't wine/dance excessively on a hill ... back & ankle problems for life; and finally
  • When In Jamaica, don't imagine anything else, about anywhere else, about anybody else, just think about YOU and YOUR crew because I could guarantee YOU will have the most fantastic time of your life ... or one of ... depends on what kind of life you lead!! *wink wink*

The TJJ family at Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 - Chooks aka Daddy Juice, Anthony aka Frenchie and myself - would like to thank the following people: Charmaine, Fozzy, Fallon, Alexis, Renee & the entire Bacchanal Jamaica Posse ... always a pleasure - without fail, 2012!!! And we want to extend some love to Smoke, Bambino, Duchess, Ricardo, Giselle D Wassi One, Ian & Brett Wong, Jules, Miche, IP, Bunji, Fay Ann & The Asylum family, Maxine, Kerry, Renz, Ali, Collette, Maurice, Hope & rest of crew AND every person we spent the last 5 to 10 days with - it was worth every second and will always be worth every second!!

Bacchanal Jamaica ... Kingston ... Jamaica Carnival 2012 ... We shall be there again ... maybe sooner *wink and grins*. Oh yea, look out for a Trini Jungle Juice/Bacchanal Jamaica spanking new Day Fete coming your way on the Carnival Friday! Yes, bomb ah drop!!

Frenchie, Scorn and Chooks aka Daddy Juice - Bacchanal JA 2011

Scorn, Frenchie and Chooks aka Daddy Juice

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Trini Jungle Juice TV
You, TJJ and Carnival - TV Show

Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 - Episode ONE

Touchdown 2011
Bacchanal Jamaica

Beach J'Ouvert Pt. 1
Bacchanal Jamaica

Beach J'Ouvert Pt. 2
Bacchanal Jamaica

Kampai 2011
Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 - Episode TWO

Soca at de Sandbar
Bacchanal Jamaica

I Love Soca 2011 Pt. 1
Pure Country/Appleton Estate

I Love Soca 2011 Pt. 2
Pure Country/Appleton Estate

Block-O 2011
Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 - Episode THREE

Bacchanal J'Ouvert Pt. 1
Bacchanal Jamaica

Bacchanal J'Ouvert Pt. 2
Bacchanal Jamaica

Bacchanal J'Ouvert Pt. 3
Bacchanal Jamaica
Bacchanal Jamaica 2011 - Episode FOUR

Road March 2011 Pt. 1
Bacchanal Jamaica

Road March 2011 Pt. 2
Bacchanal Jamaica

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Bacchanal JA 2011

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Bacchanal Jamaica
Bacchanal Jamaica

The Knutsford Court Hotel
Knutsford Court Hotel